Why should anyone pay attention to the upcoming meeting of the Commission on the Status of Women in New York? Click this image, watch the short video and decide. The United Nations video, titled "The Autocomplete Truth: Kick-starting a modern conversation on gender equality," discusses what people think about women's roles, as revealed by Google's auto-complete feature, which displays frequent recent searches. It shows that, when online queries started with "Women should," popular searches included "stay at home," "be slaves," "be in the kitchen" and "not speak in church." (Google may have changed its programming since this video was made.)

Alabama seeks to codify slut-shaming into law via further destruction of choice, privacy. Way to go Alabama.

In addition to being an utterly shitty bill for choice, it also makes me cringe when we think of a person’s basic right to privacy. As noted above, Judicial bypass makes it hard enough for a minor to obtain an abortion she needs. This is just intimidation and shaming via government. The state would like to shame every single minor in the state who needs access to an abortion. Don’t girls get enough goddamn shaming as it is but to be codified into law?