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Dear NYTimes, Chris Matthews, et. al: Please ask Tony Perkins about the FRC’s anti-gay hate group status

If you are going to elevate someone to be legitimate figure in the public media, please make sure to tell the whole story. I am continually amazed and disgusted when … Continue reading

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You just can’t beat those Schweddy Balls: ice cream wars redux!

One Million Moms – a wholly owned subsidiary of the SPLC hate group American Family Association has found its next cause: I like to think that this crusade the OMM … Continue reading

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My new offering from The Revealer

Rachel Maddow ran a thoughtful piece last night about Governor Rick Perry’s divisive prayer meeting.  She asked some of the same questions I am asking – and Connie Ryan Terrell … Continue reading

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Why I love Bryan Fischer’s Tweets!

Why do I love this tweet?  First and foremost, it is by one of my Christian Right faves – Bryan Fischer of the American Family Association – who I love … Continue reading

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Iowa Judicial Retention Vote: Supreme Court Justices ousted over gay marriage ruling

All three Supreme Court Justices up for retention on the Nov. 2 ballot were voted out for their decision in 2009 allowing same-sex marriage in Iowa.  Below is a link … Continue reading

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Anti-Gay Marriage Interests Target Iowa Judicial Retention Vote

Here is my article from today’s Iowa Independent attempting to illustrate the convergence of out of state anti-gay groups and their impact on the November 2 Judicial Retention Vote.  Please … Continue reading

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