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National Organization for Marriage, Iowa, Bob Vander Plaats and more violations

Update to the Update…

NOM and TFL are going to have to explain campaign financing stuff:

Screen shot 2013-08-09 at 12.23.37 PM

I say why not go all the way – why not go federal?

So, I repost the ACLU’s complaint against The Family Leader for possible violation of The Hatch Act.  What’s the Hatch Act?  Read the complaint it lays it out for you.

Esoteric clauses in federal documents will not remain esoteric if we talk about them.

Update:  Several people of emailed and otherwise contacted me about filing a report.  Here is a link to the online filing form of the Office of Special Counsel(OSC).

The PDF below was written up and turned over to me by the Iowa ACLU.  This document can be forwarded to the OCS. Or, if you have questions you can contact them directly (they are nice and helpful):

I am attaching the Iowa ACLU complaint against The Family Leader.  This is public property so do with it as you wish.  According to the Office of Special Counsel in DC, the form must be printed and sent in (I suppose it could be faxed as well).  Once they get it, they will have to turn it over to the US Department of Health and Human Services (the body that distributed TFL’s grant).  Hatch Act Complaint FINAL

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