Mississippi Bound

I am beginning my investigation into sex ed in Mississippi:

From the USC press release:

Andy Kopsa will travel to Mississippi, which is both the nation’s most religious state and the one with the highest teen pregnancy rate. To address this issue, the Mississippi Legislature passed HB 999, which mandated, for the first time ever, that sex education be taught in public schools. Kopsa, who has written for the Ms. Magazine Blog and Alternet, among other outlets, will profile communities in Oxford and Jackson as they seek to fulfill the state’s new mandate amid a significant religious backlash.

My reporting is supported by a 2012 Knight Grant for Reporting on Religion and American Public Life.  the Knight Grants are a program of the University of Southern California’s Knight Program in Media and Religion.

And although there is much more to it than the single PR paragraph, it drives at the heart of it.  I will be setting up a blog to track my progress on reporting and as a catalog of the investigation.

One thought on “Mississippi Bound

  1. Teresa Frye says:

    Dammit! You’re coming this far south and bypassing me by hundreds of miles. No pitstops over overnight stops en route or on your return to NY? Let me know. The Bethesda (Roloff) Girls Home property is in Petal.


    Sent from my iPad

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