Candy Crowley and the Yankees


I will buy more Candy (Crowley)

What’s the hubbub?

Candy Crowley is facing pressure to not do her job in the debates tonight.  Both sides Team Barry and Team Mittens are worried Crowley may call them on their bullshit.

Suck it up boys.

I wrote about the first debate for The Broad Side.  It was about how I didn’t even know Obama lost until the media told me he did (both the Lamestream (MSNBC, and Real (FOX) news mind you).  I think Chris Matthews has upped his trips to his analyst due to the President’s God awful performance that I just totally missed.

Let Candy haul off and be Candy.  I don’t think this is a lady issue as I have read in places (though I will say if it were two women debating, I don’t think they would make the same request – male of female moderator).

It is a pathetic attempt by two politicians to get off the hook through agreeing on “rules” of the debate.  Martha Raddatz did the job during the VP debate.  Did she do a great job?  By the low-bar set for moderators lately – yes.  But, as a journalist who actually cares about truth and fact, she was just doing her job.  She said screw it when the Ryan camp asked for their guy to be addressed as Mr. and referred to him as congressman (which he still is by the way – can’t run away from that fact, sir).

If I am going to watch TV for theater value, it is game three of the ALCS for me.  Sweet baby Jesus please lend our Yankees a hand, we are down two heading into Detroit to face the unstoppable Justin Verlander.  Please, you took Derek from us – deliver us a win tonight so we don’t look like laughing stalks!

There is no knowledge to be gained from the debate (nor any presidential debate by design).  But, if I do get bored with the game – or Verlander has us DOA in the third inning – I may switch over to ye’ olde’ debate number two.  But only to see Ms. Crowley work.

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