Iowan files IRS complaint against You Can Run But You Cannot Hide & They are coming back to Dunkerton

Collect all your “Dump Bachmann” trading cards!

This week I was alerted by a batch of fellow Iowans that Bradlee Dean, after a public fiasco at Dunkerton High School, that his crew was back at it.  They set up shop at a Hy Vee in Newton Iowa, misrepresenting themselves as a suicide prevention program.  For those unfamiliar with Dean’s crew, you can’t be faulted for taking them at their word.  We Iowan’s are nice.

However, Newton residents started Facebooking their outrage and one person who donated to the group thinking they actually were telling the truth about their organization – has filed a complaint with the IRS:

First post:

I am pissed! I gave them $5 earlier today because they CLAIMED they were taking donations for a ministry geared toward suicide prevention and drug abuse prevention! I marched right down there and caught them leaving and they STILL claimed that none of the money I gave them is to dispense an anti-gay agenda! I got the name of the group (which I should have done FIRST) :You Can Run But You Can’t Hide and googled it on my phone while in HyVee. What I found made my blood boil: the group is out of Minnesota and does school assemblies in which they make the girls chant a submissiveness toward their future husband, show videos of aborted fetuses and spread a hateful message about homosexuality. Several schools were misled with the same anti drug/suicide agenda which they only found out to be a lie after the assembly. Expecting a call from the HyVee Mgr who approved their presence tomorrow!


I also asked them TWICE if any of the money I gave them went toward an anti-gay agenda and they both said NO. Spreading their hate message might fall under the Freedom of Speech but when you are talking about what is said in a Public School? Where they can’t say prayers out loud? They also don’t REPRESENT themselves as a “church” either in their solicitations OR in the contracts they sign with schools.

and perhaps more importantly;

[Facebook user] Also, filed IRS complaint! Let them sort it out…that’s what they get paid the big bucks for!

So what might that look like?  You can visit the IRS website here for details but this is the first thing the web page notes:  

The Internal Revenue Service gives serious consideration to complaints made alleging the abuse of the tax exempt status granted to certain organizations. 

If you dig a bit deeper, there are several types of reviews – if the IRS decides to pursue an investigation.  My favorite is:

Field Examinations

A field examination is one conducted by a revenue agent at the organization’s place of business. Generally, these audits are the most comprehensive. There are two distinct types of EO field examinations – EO Team Examination Program (TEP) and EO General Program.

  • EO TEP examinations are field examinations of large, complex organizations that may require a team of specialized revenue agents, as well as coordination between IRS functions and other governmental agencies. They are often conducted using coordinated team examination approaches and procedures.
  • EO General Program examinations are typically performed by individual revenue agents. They usually do not require a team of specialists.

A field examination usually begins when the revenue agent notifies the organization that its return has been selected for examination.  This initial contact is by telephone or by letter to schedule an initial appointment.  The organization receives Publication 1, Your Rights as a Taxpayer, with the appointment letter.

In the appointment contact, the revenue agent will typically request the following documents to begin the audit:

  1. Governing instruments (articles of incorporation, charter or constitution, including all amendments; and bylaws, including all amendments),
  2. Pamphlets, brochures, and other printed literature describing the organization’s activities,
  3. Copies of the organization’s Forms 990 for the years before and after the year under examination,
  4. For the year under examination (at a minimum):
  5. Minutes of meetings of the board of directors and standing committees or councils,
  6. All books and records of assets, liabilities, receipts and disbursements,
    • Auditor’s report, if any,
    • Copies of other federal tax returns filed and any related workpapers (Form 990-T for taxable income, Form 1120-POL for political activity, etc.),
    • Copies of employment tax returns and any related workpapers (Forms W-2, W-3, 941, 1096, 1099).

So, I will keep updating as I find out more.  But please do educate yourself on who Bradlee Dean is.  Here are some insanely fabulous sources of information:

Ripple in Stillwater

Dump Bachmann


Bluestem Prairie

Dean’s people didn’t stop at Newton though, they turned up the next day at the south side Fareway in Ankeny and one commenter on Aaron Rupar’s story yesterday at Citypages the YCRBYCH crew was in at it again in Boone, Iowa – supposedly at a Hy-Vee.  I don’t have any confirmation but why not believe the commenter?

And, according to that bastion of crackerjack reporting WND, Dean is heading back to Dunkerton Iowa on July 28th for Dunkerton Days!

From WND:

Dean told WND the controversy erupted when media started reporting on the band’s visit. He contends that he and his band performed, presented their message of making good choices, visited with students and then left, without hearing any concerns.

He said complaints, like that from a mother who said, “They told these kids that anyone who was gay was going to die at the age of 42,” were based on distortions.

In fact, Jake MacAulay, a spokesman for the band, had said that the average age of death of a homosexual male is 42 years.

Now, according to a statement from the ministry, Dean will return to Dunkerton for a speaking event at the city’s library during the Dunkerton Days fest on July 28.

The event will begin at 2 p.m. and space is limited.

The discussion was scheduled after the city tried to ban members of the ministry team from returning.


5 thoughts on “Iowan files IRS complaint against You Can Run But You Cannot Hide & They are coming back to Dunkerton

  1. Troy Hendrickson says:

    andy? They pulled the same stunt in Boone Iowa at HYVEE, the day after HyVee stated that had promised this group would never be allowed on their property again. HyVee still has not apologized to the gay community who are the targets of this group, nor did they even acknowledge what this group actually is. If HyVee is telling the truth, they can have these people charged with trespass, but they have refused to, in fact they stated maybe I should be arrested for being so “unreasonable”. I called fareway to ask them to have these people charged, they have not responded with their answer yet, but the people who gave money based on this groups deciet can have them charged with theft by decpetion and if local law enfrocement refuses to take action, citizens can contact the AGs office to compell action.

  2. one Dunkerton mom says:

    I am from Dunkerton – this is a small community and like most small communities, most people here know most other people’s business. I’m sure the same lady in town who helped them find a venue for their second meeting after the controversisal assembly is the one helping them come back to the community now. Most locations in the community have boycotted the group, including all of the churches. Unfortunately for our community, the library is a public building and cannot legally prohibit this group from using their public program room. Hopefully, most people realize that while the Constitution give any idiot the right to stand up and say any crazy thing he wants to, it also gives the rest of us the right to NOT LISTEN!

      1. one Dunkerton mom says:

        yes, it is for Dunkerton Days… nothing like bringing a group like this to town to ruin a good community celebration! The lady’s name was in the local newspaper ( – should be easy to find once you’re on the site, just google Dunkerton Junkyard Prophet.

  3. Let's Get Honest says:

    I got this from email alert because Andy is one of the few people I know who stays on top of the corporate affiliations of this type of group, as I try to. THANK YOU! ~ ~ ~Some of this is because our dear former president GWB in 2001 started off his election (sic) with two executive orders which were (more of an) open sesame invitation to federal HHS grants (fraud // pipeline) particularly in marriage/fatherhood/abstinence education. You wouldn’t believe the “haul” when you start actually looking. An example: See “The Ridge Project” (Ohio) — a father was in jail for sexual abuse of a young brother-in-law. All maintain he’s innocent (but he still went to jail — so apparently the judge didn’t) — and the nonprofit became an income source for wife and his children, and HHS/fatherhood groups took them under their wing. . . . . . I also recently found some marriage promoters from Seattle area (Les and Leslie Parrott) forming a center at a university, a foundation (of course) and then marketing their stuff — and (forget how) three versions of the same individuals buying up property in Arizona. . . . . . . Groups with “faith-based” in their names are sometimes set up to get these grants, and often seem to bail out on customers, people they’ve got money from (including the HHS) and so forth. See “faith solutions LLC” from Nevada. . . . . . . I write as a Christian (believe it or not) but being female, I steer clear of churches, it’s safer. I also was victimized in a physically violent (assault & battery, body parts knocked loose) marriage where this was the “justification” and it took, literally, years to fight free (with small daughters). Women in this situation are rejected by their churches (of course) (no problem there for me, I wasn’t a member) because throwing out a man jeopardizes the Church (i.e., nonprofit’s) income source, reputation, and flow of warm bodies and volunteers. . . . . . . . We then are attacked (literally) through the family courts also — in part because of the money behind the fatherhood movement (see “National Fatherhood Initiative”) and the federal incentives for any case to NOt close…..

    As I think you’ve reported on Kansas too (as in when the Gov. or RSiedlicki flew in marriage promoters at Kansans expense for a closed-door meeting on how to promote marriage & abstinence, etc. in KS also) –you might be interested in (MI group) to which I THINK (cannot recall offhand) a signatory was David Blankenhorn of Institute for AmericanValues, or perhaps it was wade horn. . . . . . . . . . .

    I saw Robert Heritage and Peter Edelman on PBS recently debating welfare reform. Naturally, they made no mention of how it’s being used to attack women through diversionary grants of this nature as they have been since 1996, no matter which party is in power. . . . . . . Welfare Reform is up in Sept. 2012 for reauthorization — and if we want to SLOW DOWN groups of this nature (preaching abstinence in high schools, and that thing about submission to the girls makes me ILL — it’s not even SAFE for them to be submissive in many situations!) — this is where to focus resistance. Faith-based groups cheating on IRS is routine; although exposure is great — don’t forget to look from the top down. The Executive Branch of the United States Government (HHS/ACF/OCSE in particular). Contact me for more information. been blogging for three years, and learn more every day.

    PS. Dividing the country into Gay/Anti-Gay is called “triangulation.” Both sides can comprehend when it’s money-laundering. The Domestic Violence Groups, which have been good at publicizing violence against women, and include many LGBT rights influences — draw out the right-wing hate groups, but themselves also have (as to the coalitions) completely silenced the discussion on the fatherhood funding (which is major!!) — because they are bought-out and on the same track // grants stream. They also systematically have silenced what is happening in the family courts — and as women, children, and bystanders continue to be killed around divorce and custody issues, this is inexcusable. A sound analysis will show what the game is . . . . . . . .

    I tend to over-write and run on in part because (like so many) my life continues to be affected kept in crisis mode over these situations year after year. My own children have now become adults, but my ex, the family (NONreligious) who turned against me in order to gain control of my daughters (and apparently some money they represented) have more than taken up where the batterer (who’s not completely out of the picture) left off. This ALL was incentivized by federal grants to states, which are then used to influence custody decisions surrounding (often) issues of severe violence towards mothers, and children — and around issues of child molestation (rape). . . . . . . . . . Thanks to the woman who confronted this group (and this blogger/reporter Ms. Kopsa). . . . THESE ARE THE DAYS to become informed on whassup with our gov’t economically, politically, and as to education — the children are going to be subject to all kinds of values indoctrination, mental health screening (for Bush Pharma interests — see TMap, PENNMap, and more) specifically because this is now the primary purpose of K-12 schools, from what I can tell…Case in point, anyone with a market and connections, can get to the captive audience. Same deal with prisons… Same deal with people stuck in the court system (parent marriage/(fatherhood) education is a huge racket).

    Contact me for more information. I network with others but steer clear of advocacy groups (nonprofits tend to attract cult-like followings when it comes to distressed parents in the courts; independent analysis not welcome). I write from Northern California, but have a life that spans the continent (both coasts, midwest) due to upbringing, college etc. and am hearing the same horror stories throughout it, in part because of the marvel of internet, in part because the country is becoming more centralized in Washington DC policies and money. The internet helps people set up front groups (that look like legitimate corporations because of website etc.) to launder — or simply waste/divert — public money from taxes. What many of them are doing is promoting cheap versions of a very few sets of downloadable curriculum (small pool of ideas), AND/or buying up real estate. You’d be shocked…. Remember — go look up Defending Our Father’s House ( and then try to locate IT as a nonprofit. Or, “Defending Holy Matrimony” etc.

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