Bob Vander Plaats British Invasion

Head’s up Brits!  Bob Vander Plaats is bringing a special brand of American Crazy across el pond.  Today, The FAMiLY Leader trumpeted this piece of news about BVP’s interview with BBC Radio program Beyond Belief  (cut and pasted in it’s Facebook status entirety):

A Lively Discussion

This morning, Bob Vander Plaats, President & CEO of The FAMiLY LEADER, participated in the taping of a BBC (British Broadcasting Corporation) religious affairs program called “Beyond Belief”. The program will be aired to around a million people on Monday, February 6th. The purpose of the program was to discuss what role religion plays in the selection of the Republican candidate to take on Barrack Obama and the eventual presidential election in November.

The lively discussion included a British panel member who is an academic observer of American religion, an American with a strong commitment to the eradication of racism, empowerment of women, and the education of laity, and the host, Reverend Ernie Rea.

Here are some highlighted quotes from the left-leaning members of the panel:
“The constitution was intentionally secular.”
“We aren’t a Christian nation but we are a nation of believers.”
“We are a secular government that acknowledges God.”
“We are not a ‘Christian nation’, but we do recognize a deity.”

Bob had some great quotes and phrases throughout the taping which included:
“I don’t see Barack Obama’s policies being in line with Christian principles.”
“mushy, in the middle, moderates”
“Mitt Romney would make a better weatherman than a president because he goes with the wind.”

The session ended with the question from the host to the panel, “Do you think a publicly declared atheist could win the presidency?” What do you think?

Stay tuned for a link to the entire interview early next week….

Can’t. Wait.

6 thoughts on “Bob Vander Plaats British Invasion

  1. Angela Wade says:

    “I don’t see Barack Obama’s policies being in line with Christian principles.”

    We are a nation of individuals — Our country shouldn’t be led based on religion but on morality. When religion runs a country you get countries like Iran, Saudi Arabia. Also, we cannot forget our history. There is a reason our founding fathers wanted separation of church and state.

    1. akopsa says:

      Oh, if only people like Vander Plaats and the religious right hadn’t rewritten history claiming there was no original intent for church/state wall. It is a total lie propped up by pseudo historians like David Barton that the Right’s nonsense is predicated on.

  2. DrHig says:

    I was pleased to see that someone had spotted this man’s invasion of our airwaves here in the UK. I wondered who this religious bigot was and now I know. Some of the stuff he spouted covered the impossibility of an atheist president taking office, because god is so much a part of the swearing-in ceremony and if one did take office “the US would lose god’s love”. I almost choked on my afternoon tea.
    In the UK a candidate for Prime Minister (PM) doesn’t have to profess any religious beliefs and indeed talking about god or praying or Christ would make most of the electorate squirm. Although we have an established church and 26 unelected bishops sit in the upper house (the House of Lords), religion like sexuality is considered a personal matter.
    It’s also not required that a PM be happily married with a smiling first lady (or first gentleman?)

    1. akopsa says:

      Good grief – did you catch the broadcast? I have not yet had time to listen. Interested in your thoughts on Vander Plaats coming to your shores…thank you for your comment!

  3. S Hyde says:

    Bob Vander Plaats has a great line in wilful ignorance pushed bombastically. But for the soothing presence of the other guests, Dr Alexander Smith and Boo Tyson, I would have tuned out. By the very great contrast in intelligence and common decency they rebuked the fundamentalist twit.

    There were a couple of occasions when a question was asked, and Bob Vander Plaats answered in a way that suggested that he might actually be a reasonable person. But these were false dawns betokening an inadequate appreciation for magnitude of Bob Vander Plaats’ fundamentalism.

    Question: Should public office depend on a religious test?
    Answer 1: No
    Answer 2 (separated by a few minutes): Perception or self-identification as christian is not enough, actually it is irrelevant, they need only follow through on my programme.
    Answer 3 (right at the close of the show): If an atheist were to come to the presidency god would be within his rights to remove his blessing

    The third answer I regard as inflammatory language from Bob Vander Plaats and comes dangerously close to intimidation against atheist candidates. He’s essentially put a fatwa on any such person who comes forward to serve their country.

    “The founders did not want the state to run or control the church […] but they never wanted to remove the church’s influence on government or state officials.” ?? Bob Vander Plaats seems to have a tangential acquaintanceship with reality.

    Proud as an Australian that we elected an atheist, female and unmarried (cohabiting) Prime Minister. Let me check… yes, the sky has not fallen.

    1. akopsa says:

      For the uninitiated BVP is shocking. For those of us familiar with his line, this is pretty much in step. Australian huh? I have a soon-to-be brother in law who is Australian. Crazy as a loon that one.:) Thanks for your comment. Especially about the religious attack on the non-religious. I am exceedingly tired of the religious’ war on the religious freedom of the non-religious. Despicable.

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