Iowa Nice! Yapping with Scott Siepker about his hilarious video

This morning my friend Sonia forwarded me the following hilarious video.  I may think it is hilarious because I am a native Iowan and the video is about Iowa – but I have a feeling one will find it hilarious regardless of their home state:

Naturally, Sonia is practically the Mayor of Western Iowa and – naturally – she knew the guy rattling off the funny in the video.  She immediately put me in touch with him.

Scott told me they made the video primarily (or cacusally) because they are worried about Iowa’s first in the nation caucus status being trashed due to the crazymaking by Iowa GOP’ers this year.  We commiserated a bit about how the religious right has hijacked the process this year and how the lack of a real Democratic caucus offers no balance to the right wingery.

Originally from Mt.Carmel – according to Scott an Iowa town with “101 people and 26 pets” – just outside Carroll, Iowa.  He’s an actor who hosts the Iowa Public Television program Iowa Outdoors now entering its second season.

He and his friend filmed over the course of two days, “We just kinda drove around filming it, Paul edited it and the response has been great so far.”  Scott said there are people from “both sides of the aisle” that are enjoying the video – hearing its truth and sending it along to friends and family.   Scott’s hope? that, “[the video] will offend everyone equally.”

And, by the look of my facebook and twitter feed, it is getting growing play. The video was just posted by The Rachel Maddow show and word on the street is they are trying to track him down.

Scott says he has a general interest in politics overall calling it “intriguing”.  He really, really wants to hold on to first in the nation status.  He calls his wish kind of selfish – so I guess that makes me selfish too.  I want Iowa to stay right where it is in the political pecking order.

“I want us to keep this first in the nation position and address the misconceptions people have about Iowa.  It’s the right size and mix of people and I want to make sure people know that and Iowan’s can be trusted to do again what we did four years ago.”

He is seriously proud to be an Iowan and he wants to share that pride and love of his home state – and defend her from the Fuck Wads (who he addresses curtly in the video).   His favorite way to do this is of course through humor.

We talked for a bit about how funny we Iowans are, that we have a great sense of humor.  I told him his video passed the only real test I use:  my 70+ year old mom, lifelong bleeding heart liberal Iowan, laughed her ass off as she watched the link I forwarded her.

In addition to Iowa Nice and Iowa Outdoors Siepker is featured in Valentine Road a series of webisodes about Iowa during prohibition and the role the state played with its infamous Templeton Rye.    Scott is also working on a script about Iowa actors that can’t get out of Iowa.  He tells me, “I want people to know there are a ton of really talented people in this state – we haven’t all left.”   He’s right.

This just in:  another friend of mine from Iowa – Erin – was one of Scott’s teachers at Carroll!  Small, small world!

6 thoughts on “Iowa Nice! Yapping with Scott Siepker about his hilarious video

  1. betteroffwithbob says:

    Thanks for the inside scoop on the video. It is blowing up on FB, and we are thrilled to have a positive spin on Iowa (at least the left-wingers are loving it). Great work, Scott Siepker!

  2. Helen Kopsa says:

    Reading your blog, I realized that I have been enjoying Scott’s work on IPTV–both Iowa Outdoors and the prohibition documentary are very good, but this video is a jewel! NIce to know he is a nice guy–but aren’t we all? Too bad Brian Williams didn’t run this for a balance to the Bloom story last night on NBC.
    70+ year old mom

  3. jerod says:

    This video is refreshing! I usually keep quiet when “outsiders” make fun of Iowa. They just don’t know what they don’t know! Bravo!

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