And then there’s this guy

I recommend reading this post before watching to understand who it is you are listening to

Here it is, Iowa Pastor Cary Gordon endorses Rick Santorum.  Gordon discusses his process of selection having spent “hours and hours and hours…” on the vetting process. And, how Santorum’s commitment to having Bachmann in a (wait for it) Santorum Administration pushed Gordon to throw support behind Santorm as he really “wanted them both.”

Here are additional topics covered:

  • Gardasil
  • God’s Natural Law
  • Our Judeo-Christian founders, founding, country, etc.
  • Killing babies
  • Financial collapse of our country (see bit about Gordon/Cornerstone’s Chapter 11 proceedings below)
  • Obama’s socialism

Who’s this guy?

I wrote about him over a year ago when he joined forces with Bob Vander Plaats, the Family Leader, The Iowa Family Policy Center, FRC, AFA – you name it – to oust three Iowa Supreme Court Justices who ruled in favor of same-sex marriage.  This was done through something called “Project Jeremiah”.

This from an AlterNet piece I wrote on Gordon last year:

Project Jeremiah 2010, launched by Cornerstone’s Rev. Cary Gordon as a pulpit electioneering campaign, calls on clergy to tell their congregations to vote “no” in the upcoming judicial retention vote.

The clergy letter wastes no time likening “secular fundamentalists” (the ACLU, Americans United, the unchurched masses) to Hitler:  “Secular fundamentalists in the United States know the same thing that Hitler knew. The only thing that stands in their way of the total takeover of our American culture, the final removal of any mention of God from the public arena, and the shredding of the last remains of our Judeo-Christian value system, is the church of Jesus Christ.”

I contacted Gordon via email to see if we could talk about Project Jeremiah. He replied with a press release and a directive to use it as an interview. In the release he quotes Camille Paglia, references John Locke and an Iowa anti-sodomy law from 1857 as the reason the Iowa Constitution could not produce the “canard of ‘gay marriage.”

And then, Gordon and his church, Cornerstone World Outreach, ran into financial trouble of the Bankruptcy/Sheriff’s Sale variety.  This from the Sioux City Journal (and my blog):

Cornerstone has neglected to pay a Ohio contractor for work completed in 2008:

The builder filed a $4.99 million mechanic’s lien on the church’s property in April amid allegations it was not paid for work it did on the worship center. Cornerstone dedicated and has used the 52,000-square-foot building since August 2008.

I know it’s a crappy economy and we all have our financial woes (oy! do I!) but a church with highly valuable non-profit (501c3) status not paying a huge debt on an incredibly high value piece of property?

As a result of Pastor Gordon and Cornerstone’s initiative to ouster the justices in Iowa, Americans United filed a complaint with the IRS.

There has been no new news from AU regarding this complaint, however in the Sioux City Journal report that the church goes on the chopping block, Project Jeremiah is highlighted as a liability:

According to a draft of an affidavit obtained by the Journal, church officials were warned before the Nov. 2 General Election that Project Jeremiah, Cornerstone’s highly publicized effort to oust three Iowa Supreme Court justices, could compromise the church’s ability to secure a loan.   [The] affidavit also includes text of an e-mail urging church officials to issue a retraction and warned that an unnamed state agency had asked the Federal Deposit Insurance Corp. to investigate the church as a result of Project Jeremiah.  Cornerstone never considered issuing a retraction or shutting down Project Jeremiah, which involved Gordon sending letters to, according to him, 1,000 other ministers.

Here is a screen capture of The Sioux City Journal for a quick, up to date run down on the financial woes of  Cornerstone:

Regarding the bankruptcy settlement:

According to the proposed settlement agreement filed Aug. 8, Cornerstone has agreed to pay off a $5.25 million loan to Cincinnati United that amortizes over 30 years with a six-year balloon payment. The loan would be backed by a first mortgage on Cornerstone’s current church properties at 1603 and 1625 Glen Ellen Road, and a second mortgage on its former location at 6000 East Gordon Drive.

The agreement, which the parties filed jointly, also calls for the church to give Cincinnati United a mortgage on 85 acres of farmland. Cornerstone agreed to sell the farmland and give the net proceeds to Cincinnati United.  Read more:

He may want to lay off on the lectures about financial collapse and Obama’s socialism while his church is robbing Peter to pay Paul and benefited from Chapter 11 to avoid the Sheriff selling the whole kit and caboodle.

It will be interesting to see if this endorsement – which beat out an official Family Leader endorsement – will hold any sway with Bob Vander Plaats who has at least been publicly alluding to a Gingrich endorsement.

6 thoughts on “And then there’s this guy

  1. kittybrat says:

    Oh, the slime involved in that one! Cripe. They surely are a convoluted despicable bunch, aren’t they? Glass houses.

  2. Richard Wissing says:

    It was hard to listen to the whole interview. I couldn’t watch. He is an out and out liar. He at first claimed that the contractor did shoddy work but eventually stated he was a good guy and maybe they could work things out but was pretty sure no one would want to buy a church. The contractor did his work and paid people who worked hard. He isn’t even very slick. He has worked to tear apart our community. They tried stacking the Civil Rights Commission with church people who do not believe in others rights.Him and Vanderplats are so 3rd rate. Rant done!

    1. akopsa says:

      You are from Sioux City? Do you know the status of Cornerstone’s bankruptcy and where are the land they are selling came from? Very interesting turn of events. Thanks for your comment/rant.

      1. Richard Wissing says:

        I am from Sioux City. I do not know where the land is. I would guess that it is situated near the church. The Sioux City Journal actually took him to task a bit for some of his attacks. It like the church has filed for bankruptcy protection.

        His choice of Santorium was not very well layed out. Rick is just weird. Keep up you good work.

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