Commodifying witty analysis & crackerjack reportage

I have been considering this move for a long time: adding the donate button to ye olde blog.  I have seen other people do it and was frankly turned off by it.

But then it occurred to me:  I am reading people’s work.  Writing = work!

Writers and other artists, in my experience, have a difficult time putting a price tag on their blood sweat and tears.  I write for a handful of places and as you may guess, the pay is minimal.  Welcome to the world of a writer!   I revert to photography/video production gigs when I can get them to pay the rent.  But, this too is my work.

I hope you will consider supporting some of what I do here at Off The Record, the button is over there to your right – and as a special bonus you will get a personal thank you postcard from the NYC for donating (just remember to enter your address at the paypal checkout)!

If not, don’t worry about it – but please keep on reading.  I will keep on writing.

Here are some projects I am working on:

  • Following the Iowa GOP Caucuses
  • Abstinence-only-until-marriage – tracking state efforts to overturn comprehensive sex ed laws, federal legislation that is inclusive of LGBT youth, an exciting podcast coming soon from Below the Waist!  An integral part of my research and writing on this subject is to put anti-sex ed legislative efforts into the context of the overall war on women.
  • Continuing investigations into the federal funding of anti-gay Focus on the Family affiliates around the country.
  • Continuing to track state personhood, waiting period and other anti-choice state level legislation
  • Senate Health, Education, Labor & Pensions committee hearing on child abuse – tying in legislation (brought forward repeatedly by CA Rep. George Miller) to regulate teen residential schools.  My area of focus specifically is abusive Christian programs.

And now, a picture of a squirrel:

9 thoughts on “Commodifying witty analysis & crackerjack reportage

  1. Cat Givens says:

    Andy I like you. You are brave and stand up to power, you call it like it is. I have to tell you now, your point about the OWS is way off, Baby. I will donate to you, as I believe in your work. But I may reconsider if you do not educate yourself about OWS.

  2. kittybrat says:

    Well, at least my confusion was warranted! Ha! BTW, I already donated to ya via Off The Record, and hope others will follow soon.

  3. akopsa says:

    THANK YOU CAT! I have to figure out a little something I can give to those who donate as a way of thanking them – and you! Hope you saw the post on Senate HELP committee. December 13th hearing on horrid sexual abuse at Penn State. Time to call our senators and representatives again! Wish I could make it to DC for the hearing but isn’t in the cards next month. I will be writing letters though…!xxa

    1. kittybrat says:

      I will also be writing, but I am going to have to lobby Sherrod Brown. He is amazing and wonderful and for the people. He just is NOT getting on board with this one. I don’t understand. He is a smart and compassionate man.

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