Bob Vander Plaats hosts movie night: Agenda: Grinding America Down

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Bob Vander Plaats will be hosting movie night.  Next Tuesday, September 27 if you are anywhere near Cedar Falls, Iowa and are curious to find out if liberals are ignorant or evil you must catch Bob’s screening of Agenda: Grinding America Down.

Here’s a quick reminder about who Bob Vander Plaats is and little set up for the trailer.  Anyone that reads my blog knows that I have been following Bob and his far-right Christian political organization for a couple of years now. Back when it was just a regular Focus on the Family affiliate called The Iowa Family Policy Center (IFPC) pulling down $3 million in federal funding to spread anti-gay hate, organize an anti-SSM PAC, pull strings in the Iowa State House, and running a successful campaign to oust 3 Iowa Supreme Court justices – among other things.

Then, last fall the IFPC changed its name and after walking away from the last year of its federal grant ($500K) it was free be even more out there. The group became The FAMiLY Leader (small “i” to indicate submission to God) and Katie bar the door! they were making no bones about who they really were:  a right-wing Christian anti-gay, anti-choice political crusade.

The newly formed TFL (no relation to the anti-gay Mormon organization The Family Leader) appointed Vander Plaats (a three time gubernatorial candidate) as its head.  Vander Plaats, former Iowa campaign chair for Mike Huckabee, set up GOP presidential hopefuls on a state-wide speaking tour.

Positioned nicely as 2012 gatekeepers for the Iowa caucuses (Bob Vander Plaats was touted as a political “Kingmaker”) The FAMiLY Leader has made some missteps – like its icky pledge touting the benefits of slavery to the  unity of African-American families.  Not that that would slow them down – just today Time featured an interview with Vander Plaats.

The Agenda trailer opens with – who else? – Ronald Reagan warning us about what we are about to see.  From there, it is right-wing magic.  Hitting on all cylinders a chorus of right wing celebs (Phyllis Schlafly, Tim Wildmon, mourn the liberal destruction of American (Christian) values.  Throughout we are treated to imagery ranging from the hammer and sickle, the Berlin Wall, Hitler, I believe Stalin makes a cameo, more Hitler – you catch my drift.  Then the question is posed – the one they already know the answer to – are liberals ignorant – or – evil?  (Pssst:  we aren’t ignorant, pass it on.)

This overview nails it:

Agenda is the most powerful exposé of the communist, socialist, progressive attempt to take over America produced so far. The documentary presents the connections between the different communist, socialist, progressive organizations with great clarity and shows how they have implemented their agenda to dismantle American patriotism, morality and spirituality.

And, If you come to Bob’s movie night – you will get pizza – probably from The Pizza Ranch.  Maybe they will also be serving Blue Bunny ice cream for desert?

One thought on “Bob Vander Plaats hosts movie night: Agenda: Grinding America Down

  1. Cat Givens says:

    He is inciting a riot. A riot of dangerous ignorance. He is guilty of whipping up hatred and someone will be killed as a result of this propaganda. Look what it did to the abortion doctors… they’re dead because of rhetoric like this.

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