South Dakota’s anti-abortion law: CPC d’jour – Alpha Center and their $2 million government grant

Let’s put aside for a moment the disgusting law attacking women’s intelligence and right to an abortion in South Dakota.  I would like to talk to you about federal funding.  Sexy topic, I know.  Can’t. Get. Enough.

Specifically I want to point to the federal funding of crisis pregnancy centers, the ones that women will now be funneled through in South Dakota when deciding the fate of their pregnancies.  As people are (hopefully) now aware, CPCs are deceptive, largely religious anti-choice outlets designed to lure women into their “clinics” to talk them out of having an abortion.  When women could be at their most vulnerable, CPCs find it appropriate to use false “medical” information (abortion = breast cancer) and their Christian witness to manipulate them into carrying a pregnancy to term.

Millions of dollars in federal funding have been awarded to crisis pregnancy centers via the US Department of Health and Human Services  Community Based Abstinence Programs (CBAE) and Healthy Marriage Demonstration Grants.  Both grants the stunted brainchildren of the Bush administration as reward to the faithful that flushed him into office.

In South Dakota, Alpha Center is one of the grandmammas of the CPC circuit.  Alpha received over $2 million in federal funding between 2004 – 2009.

A visit to their website proves disturbing, yet offers a good education on how awful CPCs can be.  Rachel Maddow featured a brief snippet of Alpha Center’s deception on her program last night – one similar to this:

Does anyone out there see serious problems with the way information is communicated to women?  Tiny baby?  He or she?  And the crazy train pulls out from there.  Alpha Center hits on all the deceptive standbys CPCs rely on – the erroneous breast cancer link, the hyping of the unsupported post-abortion syndrome, posing as medical-ish establishment there to serve women.

Where is the outrage?  Where are the liberals that have been listening to the religious right pound away at federal funding of Planned Parenthood with ridiculous claims of PP as abortion mills, child trafficking entrepreneurs and agents of African American genocide?

Researching CPC federal funding, last month I posted this information:

A cursory search of the Tracking Accountability in Government Grants (TAGGS) website using the simple search term “pregnancy center” as yielded approximately $28 million in federal funds directly to CPCs from 2002 – 2010.  However, CPC’s come under many names, like Alpha Center ($2 million) for example, so finding the aggregate dollar amount could be some time coming.

Federally funded Birth Choice in California is “led by God,”  “The ultimate aim” of the multi-million dollar federal grant recipientCare Net Pregnancy Center “and its network of pregnancy centers is to share the love and truth of Jesus Christ in both word and deed,” and recipients of $3 million in taxpayer funding, Pinellas Crisis Pregnancy Center, “have been dedicated to saving and preserving lives for the cause of Jesus Christ.”

Although Alpha Center’s federal funding “gravy train” (as Tony Perkins puts it when Planned Parenthood gets federal money) ended in 2009 their access to  public funds is not over.   Via President Obama’s health care bill, $50 million a year will be doled out to the states to fund CBAE programs.  South Dakota stands to get a portion of the federal abstinence pie this year – Alpha Center could be one of the recipients.

Other stuff:

  • Want to find out if your local CPC gets federal funding? Go to this government grant tracking site and check them out.
  • Familiarize yourself with Alpha Center’s Leslee Unruh – mover and shaker in the anti-abortion crusade.
  • Focus on the Family looking for a government handout:  

Click for informative video!

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