Zach Wahls Has Two Mommies and He Does Them (and Iowa) Really, Really Proud

If you haven’t seen this video of 19-year-old Iowan Zach Wahls defend his mothers, express amazing familial love and the imperative for marriage equality – you must.  This young man took to the floor of the Iowa House of Representatives to speak out against the Republican’s – subsequently successful – bill to add an anti-gay marriage to the Iowa Constitution.

Warning:  you made need Kleenex.

Keep up to date on the right-wing efforts in Iowa legalize discrimination against gay and lesbian Iowans.  If you aren’t familiar with what has been going on in Iowa, I am posting links to stories to get you up to speed.  Some I have written, others from the amazing Iowa Independent, Des Moines Register and others – and there is so much more out there:

Iowa Independent:  Iowa House passes anti-gay marriage amendment

Keep your eye on these national groups that dumped money into the anti-gay marriage/judge effort – they will be back 100 fold for the 2012 election cycle

From Des Moines Register columnist Rekha Basu:  Is this what Iowans really want?

2009:  Iowa legalizes gay marriage from MSNBC

The Family Research Council, NOM, IFPC and other anti-gay groups vow Iowa is the first in a national push to end gay marriage: The Iowa Family Policy Center (now renamed The Family Leader) is the local distributorship of anti-gay bile.

The push to ouster the Iowa Justices that overruled DOMA in Iowa – this effort was successful in the 2010 election

My dear Iowa friends Shawn and Maureen get married

Jaw dropping “logic” against gay-marriage – you really have to read it to believe it

Pro Marriage Equality organizations in Iowa doing amazing work:

One Iowa

Iowa Interfaith Alliance and Connie Ryan Terrell

2 thoughts on “Zach Wahls Has Two Mommies and He Does Them (and Iowa) Really, Really Proud

  1. kittybrat says:

    This is beautiful. The young man speaks the truth.
    Bigots who deny rights to gay couples need to get a lesson or two in reality and leave people the fuck alone!

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