Zach Wahls Has Two Mommies and He Does Them (and Iowa) Really, Really Proud

If you haven’t seen this video of 19-year-old Iowan Zach Wahls defend his mothers, express amazing familial love and the imperative for marriage equality – you must.  This young man took to the floor of the Iowa House of Representatives to speak out against the Republican’s – subsequently successful – bill to add an anti-gay marriage to the Iowa Constitution.

Warning:  you made need Kleenex.

Keep up to date on the right-wing efforts in Iowa legalize discrimination against gay and lesbian Iowans.  If you aren’t familiar with what has been going on in Iowa, I am posting links to stories to get you up to speed.  Some I have written, others from the amazing Iowa Independent, Des Moines Register and others – and there is so much more out there:

Iowa Independent:  Iowa House passes anti-gay marriage amendment

Keep your eye on these national groups that dumped money into the anti-gay marriage/judge effort – they will be back 100 fold for the 2012 election cycle

From Des Moines Register columnist Rekha Basu:  Is this what Iowans really want?

2009:  Iowa legalizes gay marriage from MSNBC

The Family Research Council, NOM, IFPC and other anti-gay groups vow Iowa is the first in a national push to end gay marriage: The Iowa Family Policy Center (now renamed The Family Leader) is the local distributorship of anti-gay bile.

The push to ouster the Iowa Justices that overruled DOMA in Iowa – this effort was successful in the 2010 election

My dear Iowa friends Shawn and Maureen get married

Jaw dropping “logic” against gay-marriage – you really have to read it to believe it

Pro Marriage Equality organizations in Iowa doing amazing work:

One Iowa

Iowa Interfaith Alliance and Connie Ryan Terrell

2 thoughts on “Zach Wahls Has Two Mommies and He Does Them (and Iowa) Really, Really Proud

  1. This is beautiful. The young man speaks the truth.
    Bigots who deny rights to gay couples need to get a lesson or two in reality and leave people the fuck alone!

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