Audio: Iowa Anti-Retention Rally Bob Vander Plaats & Chuck Hurley

JudgeBusRally – click it

This is the full recording of the final “no” on judicial retention Judge Bus rally in Des Moines last week.  Speaking on the steps of Iowa Supreme Court, Bob VanderPlaats, Chuck Hurley of the Iowa Family Policy Center (recipients of $3 Million in federal funding) and Tony Perkins of the Family Research Council made a purely religious argument — augmented with shouts of liberty, judicial activism, gun and property rights — to oust the Iowa Supreme Court Justices because of their ruling on same-sex marriage.

This recording includes speeches from Hurley, Perkins, Vander Plaats and Concerned Women of America Iowa Chapter representative Tamara Scott.  I also was able to grab a few minutes with Chuck Hurley and Bob VanderPlaats.  Both say some interesting things regarding gay-marriage, natural law and the supposed other reasons (aside from gay marriage) to oust these “activist judges.”

And even more important to note is the revival like feeling of this rally.  Started off with Chuck Hurley asking the crowd for a responsorial “amen” to his weather observation.  Amens are echoed throughout the speech – some you can hear on the recording.  This is significant.  Mixing politics and religion — when combined like this to leverage fear to drive votes and remove the rights of an entire segment of society — is dangerous.

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