Jack Patterson and H.R. 911 update

Two weeks ago Quiverfull author Kathryn Joyce and I took long Sunday drive out to Pastor Mike Veach’s First Bible Church on Staten Island.  The reason for our visit was Jack Patterson listed on his webpage that  he would be speaking at Pastor Veach’s church that day.

Unfortunately Patterson was off by over a month on his schedule.  Mr. Veach announced during a rather lengthy pre-service speech that “Brother Jack” will be preaching at First Bible Church instead on May 23.

In a continuing effort to follow the money, I remain interested in who is paying all of Brother Jack’s bills.  This from his personal website:

Brother Jack is asking all his pastor friends and supporters, we need your help in the worst way. This last year cost us a lot. By the grace of God, we will continue on! We need for you to help take $25,000 due on the table now. I need for each church to take up a special offering for the ranch. If each supporter would send $50 to $100 or more now. We still have two homes. Although we have down-sized a lot, the bills are still there. I have had you twice in fifteen years to do this, please pray and ask God. Some dear friends sent $1,200 and $600, because they care. Our lawyer bill was nearly $48,000…all paid!! I need each church to send an extra gift as soon as you can.

How was he able to raise the reported $48K for legal fees?  Likely funding (at least in part) has come from Berean Baptist Church (North Carolina) that lists Patterson’s Reclamation Ranch among their supported missions.  Patterson reportedly frequents Berean as a guest preacher.  (see events/schedule on both Patterson and Berean websites.)

As to where Patterson is hoping to set up his next boarding school, the most recent information from Blount County Alabama D.A., Tommy Rountree remains Charlotte, N.C.  Other possible locations that were mentioned were New Jersey and Savannah, GA.

HR 911:

I have a 30 minute meeting with David Johns and Chess Garrison with the Senate Health, Education, Labor and Pension Committee in Washington D.C. on Friday, May 7. My goal is to gain clarity on the status of HR 911, support within the Senate for it, the clarification of “private entity” in the bill’s definitions (does it indeed include religious schools per Rep. George Miller’s office) and to deliver stories people have shared with me both on this website and the petition site about their experiences with these types of homes.

If you have any questions or comments leave them here or email me – andykopsa@hotmail.com

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