Hutaree, Christian Militias and The Church at Kaweah

Kaweah has ties to the guy behind the anti-Islam movie sparking violence toward Americans at Embassies in Egypt, Yemen and the deadly attack in Libya…from the Sacremento Bee:

Pastor Warren Mark Campbell on Wednesday confirmed that Klein has spoken twice, in 2010 and 2011, at The church at Kaweah: “He came to our church and spoke to us on Islam and the history of Islam and problems with jihad in America and around the world. He’s a specialist on the subject of Islam.”

Campbell said he was unaware that Klein was involved in an anti-Islamic movie and first heard about “Innocence of Muslims” on Wednesday from news reporters.

Klein is not a member of The church at Kaweah, Campbell said. But he refused to answer questions about the church’s relationship with Klein.

The church at Kaweah is the focus of the Southern Poverty Law Center Spring 2012 intelligence report, which states that it teaches far-right views and trains a militia.

8 of the 9 members of Hutaree arrested by FBI

I stumbled across The Church at Kaweah while researching the Independent Church Movement’s role in institutionalized child abuse. Though I found Kaweah to be intriguing and disturbing, I didn’t dig deeper — it didn’t fit the parameters of my article at the time.

However, in light of the FBI arrest of 9 people from the Michigan based Christian militia Hutaree, I thought it appropriate to introduce you to another potentially violent Christian militia.

Here is a video teaser from The Church at Kaweah advertising their homemade DVD To Teach Them War:

For more reading and sources:

  • For an interesting message board thread for Hutaree click here.
  • ABC report
  • NYTimes article

4 thoughts on “Hutaree, Christian Militias and The Church at Kaweah

  1. beel klitton says:

    hey andy r u a male or female?we can determine that whatever u are u are definately a dummy and a lame brain! if u would do some research,( which is why u are a dummy , research is probably a concept beyond your capacity, because of laziness or simple stupidity! if u had half a brain u would know that a federal judje ruled in favor of the hutaree other words nothing ever happened and the fbi set them up with false accusations just like u want to do with the church at kawea. u should be sued for liable .i get what this stupid website is about , its about that thar rot wang publakins, aint naw,well well see u soon in hell thar missy!along with may beel klin-ton and tot thar hillr ay!yuk yuk!

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