Urge Senate Health, Education, Labor & Pension committee to take up HR 911

I wrote a post a week or two ago about the House passage of H.R. 911 sponsored by Rep. George Miller of California.  Here is a mini review:

H.R. 911, the Stop Child Abuse in Residential Programs for Teens Act could be key to shutting down unregulated, unaccredited and abusive Christian boarding schools in the United States.

HR 911, sponsored by California Representative George Miller (D),  passed the House on February 23 (2009) and has been handed over to the Senate Health Education Labor and Pension commission for hearings.  A hearing date has not yet been scheduled.   (Check their website for calendar updates here).

I contacted the Senate HELP committee to find out when we can expect a hearing to be scheduled.  The woman on the other end of the line, polite and trying to be helpful, could only offer “there are other priorities” in the committee right now.

I think HR 911 should be a priority.  Please consider signing my petition to force a hearing before the end of the year in the Senate.  Click here to be taken to the petition page.

Thanks.  Pass it on!

4 thoughts on “Urge Senate Health, Education, Labor & Pension committee to take up HR 911

  1. Dulci From Allentown says:

    New Bethany Christian Home, Arcadia LA – Feds shut down…. to bad it was too late for all the innocent girls and boys who it damaged. God’s word exploited. Sickening. Their judgemtn deems to be in God’s hands, they will face him one day. I would anna be in their shoes.

    Here is a 10 minute lcip I made , the 30 minute fill version more in depth.

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