History of Violence: Christian boarding schools and the trial of Jack Patterson

Dr. Jack Patterson, founder of the  Christian boarding school, Reclamation Ranch, goes on trial for aggravated child abuse March 10 in Blount County Alabama.  The trial comes two years after a 17-year-old male resident came forward with charges of severe abuse, torture and beating.

“The search by law enforcement and the questioning of involved minors yielded corroboration of the original allegations and evidence of other instances of mistreatment,” said Blount County District Attorney Tommy Rountree, in a Birmingham News article. One report said investigators seized handcuffs and shackles from the facility, and as the clip mentions handguns and rifles were also present.

Eleven juvenile boys were sent home from Reclamation Ranch pending the outcome of the investigation.  Jack Patterson was at the courthouse in November 2008 when Alabama Circuit Court Judge Steve King made the ruling.  He wasn’t alone – about 200 of his supporters came out that day.  A handful of those gathered, according to the Birmingham News, blew Dr. Jack kisses as he looked down from a second story window.

Patterson offered no comment except to say, “God bless you.”

Dr. Jack Patterson is not a doctor.  He received an honorary title from the Pacific Garden Mission Institute. Patterson holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Religious Education from Hyles Anderson College – an Evangelical Christian college that spurns regulation and accreditation – in Indiana.

According to Patterson’s biography posted on Reclamation Ranch’s web page, he grew up in the projects of Detroit. After being embroiled in a life of crime and drugs, Jack found Jesus in Pensacola, Florida. From there, he entered Bible college and became a devout follower of notorious Texas evangelist named Lester Roloff.  It is important to know who Lester Roloff is, the history of his Roloff Homes, and why Patterson’s stalwart allegiance to him is significant when considering these recent claims child abuse.


“Better a pink bottom than a black soul” – Lester Roloff

Lester Roloff was the founder of “The Roloff Homes” a collection of children’s reformatories that uses God and a fundamentalist form of the Baptist religion as justification for corporal punishment.  He is held up today by some as a savior.  But to others, he will forever be an opportunistic zealot who used his “schools” to institutionalize child abuse and warp people’s ideas about what God requires of His faithful.

Roloff got his start in Texas called to preach the good word in 1932. Roloff was just 18, living on his family’s farm when he struck out pastoring at small town Baptist Churches. He caused a stir; people began to take notice.  Looking for bigger and better audiences, Roloff moved to Corpus Christi and struck out in radio.  His program “Family Altar” aired during World War II.  As more and more listeners tuned in and “Family Altar” was picked up by KWBU – a station owned by The Baptist General Convention of Texas – Roloff decided to take his show on the road.  He toured in his “gospel van” using loudspeakers to blast sermons along the way.  He traveled around Texas pitching his tent, raising crowds to listen to his special brand of preaching. This was the beginning of Roloff Evangelistic Enterprises.

Roloff began criticizing mainstream Baptist counterparts on air, claiming he was the only one preaching the “true Gospel”. His relationship with the mainstream by comparison Texas Baptist Convention ended in 1956, but his audience of followers grew and grew.  Brother Roloff was nothing if not a savvy entrepreneur.  He realized there was a ton of money to be made in the business of preaching. In an effort to grow his burgeoning empire, he founded The Roloff Homes, actively fundraising from his followers, calling on them to dig deep so he could do God’s work.

In 1973, Roloff’s the Rebekah Home was in investigated by authorities for suspected abuse after a visiting couple saw a young girl being whipped. When welfare workers showed up to inspect the home, Roloff refused them entry, saying it infringed on the separation of church and state. Fortunately, Texas Attorney General John Hill didn’t share that view and filed suit against Roloff Evangelistic Enterprises.

Eventually, 16 girls would come forward and tell of whippings, imprisonment, and being handcuffed to drainpipes at the hands of Rebekah Home staff. Lester Roloff defended these methods as solidly rooted in scripture. Of the charges pending against his abusive methods, Roloff said, “Better a pink bottom than a black soul.” Attorney General Hill said it wasn’t pink bottoms he objected to but ones that were black, blue and bloody. (Texas Monthly)

In the end, the Rebekah House closed, not because of a conviction Roloff or his staff for repeated abuses.  Facing more legal battles with the state of Texas over the newly adopted Child Care Licensing Act, Roloff, in what became known as “The Christian Alamo,” shut the place down.  Roloff didn’t care for the notion of Christian’s needing the Government to give them the seal of approval saying, “I have no right to go by the Welfare Department’s little brown book so long as I have the big black Book.”

This position of resisting governmental oversight is held to this day by many fundamentalist Christian educational organizations, schools and colleges.  Among the colleges that scoff at official licensing is Hyles Anderson College – where Jack Patterson received his degree.  Reclamation Ranch is not subject to state supervision in Alabama.   Neither is the school accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools (SACS) or an alternative credentialing entity called the Alabama Independent School Association.

The Lighthouse Academy, another Roloff Home, was unlicensed as well.  That is where Jack Patterson came to work for Lester Roloff for three years.


On Reclamation Ranch’s webpage Patterson credits Roloff with helping set his personal course:

While attending Bible college in 1972, Dr. Patterson heard of a man working with troubled youth named Evangelist Lester Roloff. Dr. Patterson drove 100 miles to hear Bro. Roloff preach one night, and that night Dr. Patterson gave his life to do the same type of work.

The video posted here shows Dr. Jack, shocked and outraged at Blount County Sheriff’s Department, indignant over the child abuse charges looming. Upon review of the video, a particular couple of lines jumped out at me. Patterson, shuffling papers, a legal pad and an open Bible around his desk, told the reporter, “….[I] choose not to spank” and “we’ve chosen not to whip here.”

Patterson maintains a personal website in addition to the official school one.   This “court situation” update was offered up there:

February Update: Our court situation: I am considering taking a very, very low plea bargain, of “verbal harassment” and a $500 fine.. This is a class “C” misdemeanor and involves no child endangerment or any nature of child abuse. We are praying about this so we can move on with the work of God while there is still time to reach those who need to be reached for the Lord Jesus Christ. We will keep you posted. – Bro. Jack

I called the Blount County District Attorney’s office and spoke with Teresa Freda, a victim’s services officer about the claim Brother Jack mad on his website of a plea bargain.  She said that since the case is set for trial, they cannot comment at this time.


Like Jack Patterson, Olen King and Mack Ford are former employees and passionate followers of Lester Roloff.  The New Bethany Home for Boys and Girls was a product of the Roloff legacy and it has a long history of abuse and run-ins with state and local officials.  There are scores of reports of torture and abuse coming out of New Bethany, which is now officially closed.  Olen King and Mack Ford were the Director and founder of New Bethany School, respectfully.  

Teresa Frye, now a 42-year-old mother of four is a survivor of the New Bethany Home in Arcadia, Louisiana.  “It took me 20 years to start talking [about New Bethany] and when I found the message board, I realized what I had been remembering was real.”

The survivor websites – Theresa’s “message board” – are posted to regularly by former residents of New Bethany and practically every account reads the same: memories of torture, abuse and demoralization at the hands of Mack Ford, Olen King and other New Bethany staff.  There are harrowing stories of kids that managed to run away from New Bethany like the one by James, escaping through a Louisiana swamp, and the horrifying account a young man named Guy beaten severely with a golf club.

Teresa was raised in what she refers to as a strict, fundamentalist  Baptist church, with “red-faced preachers, hellfire and brimstone,” but Teresa says New Bethany was one-hundred times worse.

Before she was sent to New Bethany Teresa remembers Mack Ford and his girls choir performed at her family church.  “They were a choir of angels to me, the girls’ testimony was so uplifting, I don’t know how to describe it,” said Frye of her first encounter with Mack Ford, years before she would become a resident at his New Bethany School.  A traveling girls choir is nothing new in the Fundamentalist arsenal. Lester Roloff devised a handpicked and disciplined girls’ choir as a fundraising and recruiting tool for his original homes.

In addition to singing, the girls gave testimonies — often coached — of their salvation for the hard sell.  “They were once drug users and bad kids and going wrong – but they said New Bethany and Mack Ford saved them, we all believed them.” Teresa told me this, trying to help me understand how parents could possibly have been fooled and why her parents had no idea what they were sending her into. “Everything looked so good on the outside.”   Teresa and her friends talk on the message board about their “who had the reddest and blackest butt” contests back in the day.

Cathy “Cat” Givens, another New Bethany survivor, shares her experience in an email to me.  Cat was at New Bethany from March through December of 1974 during which time she experienced and witnessed her share of abuse. She had her mouth stuffed with soap, accused of lying by Brother Mack Ford, to the point of vomiting. Sick to her stomach, she was then forced to eat dinner – she did so for fear of what may happen if she didn’t.   Cathy, her gut and mouth still full of soap couldn’t help but throw up her meal. For this offense, she was switched on the calves as punishment.  This is just one of several humiliations Ms. Givens endured and observed during her time at the home.

After being forced out of Louisiana by state officials demanding New Bethany allow an inspection and get licensed, it relocated to Walterboro, South Carolina. Olen King reopened the school and shortly after, stories of abuse began to trickle out.

This from three New York Times articles in 1984:

May 30:  Olin [Olen] King 40…..wa[s] charged with unlawful neglect of a child and conspiracy to commit unlawful neglect as well as kidnapping, authorities said.  The child neglect warrants alleged that the defendants allowed a student to be handcuffed to his bed and beaten with a plastic pipe.  “There were six or seven boys we found evidence of corporal punishment being inflicted on them”.

May 31:  Accounts of hunger, isolation and beatings with plastic pipes and wooden sticks emerged today in the investigation of a fundamentalist boarding school who’s operators have been charged with kidnapping and neglect.

June 2:  “They [King/New Bethany] said if they did something wrong, they might spank the boys, but not beat them,” said one mother, Patricia Sexton of Chicago.  “They shouldn’t treat people like animals.  You don’t take kids and lock them up in a jail cell.”

Olen King,  has moved again and is reportedly operating an unlicensed, unregulated “Ranch” in North Carolina. The King Family Ministries boarding school is located in Danbury, North Carolina and is nicknamed the Second Chance Boys Ranch. Second Chance Boys Ranch is currently one of The Houston Road Baptist Church in Troutman, NC missions it supports through parishioners donations. Last fall, I was able to get King on the phone.  I asked him about the current operation of his home.  King claimed it was closed down – that he had cancer and there was no more boys home.  I had heard this rumor before through the survivors.  King abruptly hung up the phone as I attempted to get more information.  I called back and the phone just rang and rang.

Jack Patterson has no known history with The New Bethany School in either Louisiana or in South Carolina, so they are isolated incidents in that sense. However, they share a common ancestor, employer and teacher they revered, Lester Roloff.


In 1997, then Texas Governor George W. Bush invited Lester Roloff inspired homes back with open arms and money from his newly founded “Charitable Choice” program, a state level test drive for what would become President Bush’s nationalized Faith Based Initiative.  Roloff relocated Rebekah House – after the Christian Alamo – to Missouri to escape any further child abuse investigations or state regulation (Jack Patterson has moved Reclamation Ranch,  in one incarnation or another from Indiana to Washington and finally Alabama).  The director of Roloff homes convinced Governor Bush’s newly established Faith-Based Task Force to recommend changes in state regulation of faith-based children’s homes and child care facilities.

The FBO Task Force was already populated with Roloff sympathizers, representatives of faith-based chemical dependency facilities who were publicly vocal in their opposition to state licensing.  As a result, an alternative credentialing program called the  Texas Association of Christian Child-Care Agencies (TACCCA) was born.  The TACCCA was a case of the inmates running the asylum.  Among its board members was the director of Teen Challenge of South Texas,  an organization that was already facing reprimand for non-compliance with state health and fire codes (The Roundtable). 

According to an in-depth case study on the FBO initiative in Texas, by the Rockefeller Institute of Government, supported by the Pew Charitable Trusts:

“The first agency accredited under the alternative credentialing program was the Roloff Homes.  Prior to this, in a suit brought by Roloff Homes, the U.S. Supreme Court ruled that the Homes must either be licensed by the state or shut down.  Rather than submitting to state licensing requirements, in 1985 the Roloff Homes relocated to Missouri.  In 1997, after the Alternative Credentialing pill passed, and at Governor Bush’s invitation to return to Texas and take advantage of the new changes in state law, Roloff Homes returned to the state. TACCCA re-accredited the Homes, which came to operate five facilities in the state.  In spring 2000, the Texas Department of Protective and Regulatory Services (TDPRS) received complaints of physical abuse at several of the Roloff Homes facilities and pursued criminal charges.  In June 2001, administrators of the Roloff Homes were found guilty of juvenile abuse in a criminal trial.  By that time, the Roloff Homes had moved again to another state.”

Currently, Dr. Jack Patterson and Reclamation Ranch rely on donations to stay up and running.  Feel free to donate via the Pay Pal link on their website. Additionally, Reclamation Ranch is supported by Berean Baptist Church, Ron “Ronnie” Baity, Pastor.  Berean also sends money to Mack Ford.

From Berean Baptist Church’s “Our Missionaries” page:


Whether or not Jack Patterson has broken away from the long and continuing history of the abusive Roloff Homes and subsequent Roloff-like offshoots remains to be seen.  And, if Mr. Patterson is guilty of aggravated child abuse is a matter for the Blount County court to decide. What is apparent is that homes like Mack Ford and Olen King’s New Bethany Home and Lester Roloff’s  Rebekah Home still exist throughout the country today.  A :30 second Google search will yield scores of survivor’s boards, informational sites and organizations dedicated to exposing the world of people who beat kids in the name of God to turn a handsome profit.

Sources, other “schools” and further reading:

Hephzibah Home – Warsaw Indiana, Girls Home: An extensive history of Hephzibah Home’s abuse of young women including links, news articles and personal stories of former students.   Here is an example of just one “Survivor’s Statement”:

I was forced face down onto the floor of that office, and my arms were straight above my head.  One staff lady knelt on and held my arms while another staff lady held my legs.  At this point Patti Williams was in the room, and she spanked me while Ron stood by and watched.  I dont recall how many times she hit me, but I remember that she was talking during the whole ordeal.  She was very angry, and I could feel her anger each time she hit me.  I  was crying because of the pain and embarrassment, so I guess it was assumed that I was sufficiently broken, so she stopped hitting me.  After the whole ordeal was over, I had to immediately sit down with Ron Williams while he talked to me again and told me how that was God’s will that I be punished to rid my soul of its wicked ways.  I was very sore, and it hurt to sit down and talk with Ron.  I hurt for days after that.

Victory Christian Academy – Jay, Florida:  When Rebecca Ramirez came forth five years ago to protest at Michael Palmer’s Victory Christian Academy in Jay, Fla., it was because she couldn’t forget what happened to her when her parents sent her to the facility.  Ramirez said she was raped by Palmer in 1992 when she was a 16-year-old student at Victory. That’s what led her back to the facility some 12 years later to speak out, she said.  Following her protest, Palmer left the facility and it was renamed Lighthouse of North West Florida.  “The first time that he actually raped me was Oct. 2. I remember this because he made a big deal out of that date. It was like an anniversary and he always reminded me. I will never forget that date,” she said. (Fort Dodge Messenger) Mr. Palmer has relocated to Fort Dodge, Iowa.  Palmer is no stranger to local Florida authorities. In 1994, according to Santa Rosa County sheriff’s records, officers investigated sexual-battery allegations a student leveled against Palmer. In 1997, records show, four students complained to law enforcement officials of child abuse. Palmer blames the allegations, none of which resulted in charges being brought, on vindictive students. “They were girls who were angry with me,” he says. “Kids today have no fear and no respect for authority.” article

83 thoughts on “History of Violence: Christian boarding schools and the trial of Jack Patterson

  1. Nicole says:

    This is disgusting, repulsive and sickening. Thank you so much for bringing attention to this man, his activities, and the sick people who are a part of it. According to the Bible, in Galations, the necessary ‘fruits’ of a Christian, are evidenced in these- Period: ‘Love, Joy, PEACE, Kindness, GENTLENESS, PATIENCE, Faithfulness, Goodness and SELF CONTROL…’ I don’t recall seeing Jesus beating, torturing or terrorizing anyone, let alone little kids and children in the Bible. He didn’t.

    As well, in that same section of Galations, are the scriptures that talk about the fruits of ones own flesh, acting in their ‘own’ opinions, desires, feelings or emotions. ‘The fruits of acting in the flesh, are evidenced in these: ‘Lack’ of, love, lack of patience, and self control and of all of the above… ‘ ‘Anger.’ ‘Fits of rage. ‘ ‘Wrath.’ ‘Jealousies.’ ‘Contentions.’ ‘Separations.’ ‘Divisions.’ No compassion… God’s Word says explicitly, ‘Do NOT provoke a child to frustration…’ Let alone, pain, helplessness…

    This man can say what he wants, but his behavior is in complete opposition to what the Bible itself, clearly and repeatedly states. People have been blaming ‘God,’ or the ‘Bible’ for their own deviant actions, for centuries. Sadly, they are often successful in getting jaw-dropping numbers of people to ‘follow’ or go along with their evil, in part, due to the fact that most people have no CLUE what ‘is’ in the Bible, and will stupidly- and blindly- follow a ‘man’ or ‘church’ instead. That is what happened here. God Himself says, in the Bible repeatedly- DON’T do that- And warns repeatedly against it.

    Anyone following the Bible alone, in understanding and true knowledge of the context, Spirit and actual translations of the original Greek and Hebrew, with the working knowledge of the importance of, and overlay of the Jewish object lesson, would NEVER come to the ‘claims’ this evil, disgusting man, did. Many people believe, and know from personal experience and interaction, that exactly as the Bible says, there is a larger, supernatural system and warfare always at work. (We ‘deal’ with demonized people regularly) God’s Word says that satan’s greatest efforts and successes, are to indeed get evil people to commit their acts, in the ‘name’ of the Bible or God. When they do so, such as the sickening fellow who murdered a doctor in church for providing abortions, or this story here, it fulfills satans goal. It causes people who don’t really know or understand the Bible, or God, to doubt Him, and His Word. It causes people to not focus on the fact that people’s actions contradict the Bible, but causes some to mistakenly and as planned, ‘connect’ the criminal or their evil, ‘to’ the Bible, or claim of being a Christian. Exactly as manipulated and hoped.

    People acting in evil or criminally, just because they ‘claim’ Christianity, does not mean Christianity, as defined by the Bible, applies to them. In fact, their actions are in complete contradiction and opposition, to the Bible. But there is a being, there is a spiritual battle, where we are indeed, involved. Satan has two greatest tricks. To get people to think he does not exist and is no danger to them whatsoever, and to ‘separate,’ and get people away from God and His Word. The Bible. Where if they knew and understood it, the Truth would not allow such atrocities as this man’s, to be perpetuated at all. At least, certainly not in any credible connection to being Biblical.

    In his goal to separate people from God, satan desires to discredit God, the Bible and Christians. The lie that evil, and evil actions, are connected to God, Christians or the Bible, has been used forever. But due to people’s own lack of knowledge and understanding of the Bible? It works. People who don’t know much about the Bible, see or hear stories such as these, (as they should) but mistakenly can be manipulated and fall into the trap. The goal of which is in getting people to distrust, blame, doubt- and want nothing to do with, God, or His Bible. The master trick. The master plan and point all along: Getting people to doubt the existence of a being who’s entire goal is to ‘separate’ as many people from God and the Bible as possible. The Bible, tells us what to watch out for, and to have nothing to do with men such as in this article. But people not knowing the Bible, fall prey to both the losers such as this article is about, but also, to satan’s perfect plan and trap. It is disturbing that this VERY unbiblical man, could get so many to go along with him, in the ‘name’ of God’s Word. That should be terrifying. God’s Word say, ‘My people perish for lack of knowledge.’

    As well, often upon hearing stories such as these, some people lump true criminals, evil, crime and sick people, in with the ‘Christian’ background they ‘claim,’ but which they are clearly not. People begin doubting God or the Bible. They may want nothing to do with them. Exactly as planned. All by complete and focused design. People mistakenly and ignorantly (as planned and led) begin to apply ‘Christian’ to being connected to those people and their crimes, when that could not be farther from the truth.

    I am so thrilled that you followed this story. I write only as I am concerned for anyone who may buy the lie, (not yours, but that used for centuries) and connect the Bible, God and true ‘Christians’ to the acts of people who could not be more opposite of a ‘Christian.’ The lie being, that it’s ‘God’ who is unfair, (not the criminal- or even satan himself) and it is God or somehow, the Bible, or Christians to blame, for the evil that originates which a much higher and more powerful source. Many of us watch daily, with growing concern, as ‘Christians,’ God, or the Bible are continually connected to such atrocities or monsters, when what should be occuring, is that people’s eyes be opened to the Truth. There is evil, and it’s goal is to separate people from God and the Bible in order to ‘know’ it, and fight it. To connect evil, exactly as planned, to God, the Bible or Christians, is a master deflection, that perpetuates the very lie meant to keep people from God and the Bible. The very two things, which give us the answer to fighting and winning, against evil and actions such as this man’s. Those who KNOW God’s Word, should have exposed this man long ago.

    But nobody teaches the Bible. Nobody knows the Bible. People complain, or are rightly sickened, by criminals and actions that are contrary to the Bible, but at the same time, those same people will fight to keep the knowledge, truth and teaching of the Bible’s warnings and truths, which would keep men such as this from having ANY credibility as a Christian- from being taught! And, often, those same people, then buy and perpetuate the intended lie, that somehow God, Christians or the Bible- are related to evil and actions, when the Bible’s purpose is to stop and shine a light on such evil or actions. It is truly amazing to see and watch, that lie, working and perpetuating, while the Bible or Christians, begin to take the fall for people who could not be further from that definition. Exactly as planned. Truly amazing. Because it works. And God Himself says, ‘My people perish for lack of knowlege…’ The knowledge of what is or is not in the Bible, keeps these sorts of things from happening! It keeps people accountable. No human, should have bought this man’s claims to be a Christian, and should have held him accounatble. But that knowledge- doesn’t exist, and people blindly follow ‘men.’ And their lies. Dying and misleading, for lack of knowledge.

    To watch that lie play out, day after day, and be recieved, believed and picked up by people, who were a party to these acts of atrocity- is truly concerning. How do so many people end up being involved in criminal activity? In unkindness? In sin?

    From someone who has been face to face with, and attacked by demonized people, I have to be a voice for the separating of anything having to do with the Bible, or being a Christian, from anything to do with this revolting man. As a pastor’s wife, from a church who does know and teach the Bible, I must voice the truth to those who’ve bought the lie from satan. That ‘he’ doesn’t exist, and that ‘evil’ comes from God… Because it’s a lie. There is a spiritual battle around us. And there is indeed, a being doing every, single thing he can, to discredit God and the Bible, and its Truths, to keep as many as possible from God, His Word, or from finding that Truth out.

    This man in this article, no matter ‘what’ he says or claims? Is no Christian. At least, not according to what God Himself says, defines one. Jesus says in the Bible, ‘My sheep hear my voice, and they follow me…’ And this man neither heard that voice, nor followed or lived by, the fruits of the Spirit. Anyone who connects God, or the Bible, to this man’s actions, or others actions that are criminal, mistakenly perpetuates a lie and false accusation that is set up perfectly, to get them to do so- by the true source of evil, who is manipulating them.

    That enemy, will continue doing everything he can to keep people from God and the Bible, and to discredit both, for that purpose. I defend the Bible, and ‘Christians’ from being in any way linked to the acts or beliefs of the pig above. I want to make very clear, what was behind the motives or actions, and it was not God, or the Bible. To believe that lie, or perpetuate mistrust or doubt toward God, the Bible or true Christians, takes an evil that is beyond belief, and makes it victory. I pray truth and knowledge would prevail over the enemy’s attempts to link the two for his purpose of separating people from God and His Word, and from growing hatred toward, or discrediting, Christians. This man, was no Christian. Not even close.

    1. akopsa says:

      Thanks Nicole, for your comment. It means a lot here. You and I do not share all the same positions when it comes to religion, but we do share an understanding of right, wrong and the misuse of “God”

    2. Clark says:

      Thanks Nicole. I’ve been screaming what you have said at the top of my lungs for years. When I was a teenager and living this nightmare I didn’t understand that these people were not of God because there was nothing to contradict them other than my own fear. I thought they were wrong but any proof of it was taken away or in some cases beaten out of us. But today I know that what they did to us was not an act that came from God. It was just someone using His name to promote their own sick beliefs and to justify their actions. I can go rob a bank and say it is what God wants but who is going to buy into that? No different with what these people did, and some are still doing. Yet people buy into it all the time.

      1. Nicole says:

        Dear Clark and Teresa,

        Thank you both for all you are doing to bring these situations to the forefront. I don’t know you, but you are both so in my thoughts and prayers. I think you are both inspiring and amazing, and to shine the light on this situation and others like it, is so important and necessary.

        I am a pastor’s wife. My husband Steve is the pastor of Harvest Family Fellowship, in Reno. When I read this article that Andy posted, I just cried… And my heart broke. I pray that this story, and indeed, any other ‘schools’ or programs out there like it, are pushed to the forefront and closed down. I’m glad that Andy posted this, as I was unaware of it. Only by exposing these sick people and their institutions, and by people speaking out and not giving up, will these situations be stopped and kept from being repeated. Thank you for sharing what you live and know, and Andy too, for shining the light and truth on something so wrong and sick. You’re in the prayers of many, and I will share with others about the need to stop such institutions from existing… For those unaware that they do.

        Nicole- HarvestReno.

    3. Bumper Brown says:

      My, my. The reason you don’t recall Jesus’ angry outburst over moneychangers in the Temple is because of your lack of knowledge of God’s Word. He whipped all their butts, literally, causing injury and pain and expressed the example of righteous indignation that He wanted us to follow. I’m not going to waste a lot of time with you because I really don’t think you are ready for change, but this physical experience that our spiritual selves are going through is war, ma’am. People are injured and many die. To face your worst and most influential enemy with tenderness and sweet thoughts is immature and will show your weakness and cost you dearly in a very personal way. And for you to make an emphatic statement like “This man was no Christian” shows how God like you feel you are. God wants us to grow, this means change which means discomfort and admitting the possibility of being wrong. Are you ready? I know you will probably be angry as you read my reply but do yourself the favor of praying for God to reveal the truth to you and for you to be willing to accept it. Take care and be blessed.

      1. Jc says:

        You are a sick bastard jack patterson! You have ruined my life and if i could get away with it i would torture you for a very long time

  2. Teresa says:

    Thank you so much Nicole. A group of us “New Bethany Survivors” have been trying so hard to get this story to the forefront, and make people UNDERSTAND that these type homes are STILL operating all over the United States. When myself and four others started our search to find out what happened to Guy (in James’ story), we uncovered far more than we wanted to. Although we did find out that Guy made it out of New Bethany alive after his horrible beating, the story still ends quite disturbingly. I would ask that everyone who reads this please contact your local and national news affiliates, politicians, whatever it takes. Parents need to KNOW that you can’t just take someone at their word about how they are gonna care for your “rebellious” kids merely because they claim to be a Christian.

  3. Clark says:

    Just a few notes.

    #1) The screen shot you have from Berean Baptist listing Jack Patterson and Reclamation Ranch as a mission they support. Go back to that page. You will see that they also support Mack Ford and New New Bethany even though they are no longer in operation. It’s the 12th listing down on that page. Just another example of IFBers supporting fellow IFBers regardless of the fact that they are abusing children and breaking the law.

    #2) Sorry I missed your call. Have been dealing with computer crap for a week now. Keeping some really weird hours.

    #3) My story on this whole sordid mess and what I went through can be found here:

    “It took 7 months to literally beat God out of me, and 27 years to be able to forgive those responsible.”


    Please feel free to use anything I say or have written. It’s all publicly available anyway.

    #4) Here is a blog written by a former volunteer staff member.

    The Moral Failure of a Christian Boys’ Home

    1. akopsa says:

      Hey Clark – thanks for stopping by. Hope to speak to you soon. I included a link to your page in my notes section. I did mention in the copy that Ford is also supported by Berean I just didn’t have the screen shot. Thanks again!

      1. Clark says:

        Cool, I’m so tired that I’m not really reading as much as just scanning. Call me later this week if you want. I don’t know what your schedule is like but mine is pretty much in front of the computer this week.

  4. PDeverit says:

    People used to think it was necessary to “spank” adult members of the community, military trainees, and prisoners. In some countries they still do. In our country, it is considered sexual battery if a person over the age of 18 is “spanked”, but only if over the age of 18.

    For one thing, because the buttocks are so close to the genitals and so multiply linked to sexual nerve centers, slapping them can trigger powerful and involuntary sexual stimulation in some people. There are numerous physiological ways in which it can be sexually abusive, but I won’t list them all here. One can use the resources I’ve posted if they want to learn more.

    Child buttock-battering vs. DISCIPLINE:

    Child buttock-battering (euphemistically labeled “spanking”,”swatting”,”switching”,”smacking”, “paddling”,or other cute-sounding names) for the purpose of gaining compliance is nothing more than an inherited bad habit.

    Its a good idea for people to take a look at what they are doing, and learn how to DISCIPLINE instead of hit.

    I think the reason why television shows like “Supernanny” and “Dr. Phil” are so popular is because that is precisely what many (not all) people are trying to do.

    There are several reasons why child bottom-slapping isn’t a good idea. Here are some good, quick reads recommended by professionals:

    Plain Talk About Spanking
    by Jordan Riak,

    The Sexual Dangers of Spanking Children
    by Tom Johnson,

    by Lesli Taylor M.D. and Adah Maurer Ph.D.

    Most compelling of all reasons to abandon this worst of all bad habits is the fact that buttock-battering can be unintentional sexual abuse for some children. There is an abundance of educational resources, testimony, documentation, etc available on the subject that can easily be found by doing a little research with the recommended reads-visit the website of Parents and Teachers Against Violence In Education at http://www.nospank.net.

    Just a handful of those helping to raise awareness of why child bottom-slapping isn’t a good idea:

    American Academy of Pediatrics,
    American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry,
    American Psychological Association,
    Center For Effective Discipline,
    Churches’ Network For Non-Violence,
    Nobel Peace Prize recipient Archbishop Desmond Tutu,
    Parenting In Jesus’ Footsteps,
    Global Initiative To End All Corporal Punishment of Children,
    United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child.

    In 26 countries, child corporal punishment is prohibited by law (with more in process). In fact, the US was the only UN member that did not ratify the Convention on the Rights of the Child.

  5. Teresa says:

    To set aside the abuse part of this (which IS a major issue in the midst of all this), I will say (from personal experience, observation and research) that children’s homes such as the ones operated by Roloff, Ford, Patterson, King, etc. are HUGE money makers! I am patiently waiting for SOMEBODY in the U.S. media to look into the connection between what Laura Silsby planned to do in Kuna, ID with her “runaway home” she was trying to get off the ground, and what Roloff, Ford, Patterson, King, etc. did and have been getting away with for DECADES! Silsby got the dollar signs in her eyes from SOMEWHERE! (And I find it interesting, although probably coincidental that there are several families in the Kuna area who have the last name “Roloff”).

  6. Molly, NYC says:

    VERY nice piece of reportage.

    I notice that Patterson’s primary line of defense throughout the video is his religious authority: “We’re a Christian Baptist School,” “Come talk to the preacher [referring to himself]” etc.

    It’s not a tack he’d take if it hadn’t been successful in the past, and tends to confirm my own worst suspicions about one of the uses of fundamentalism: to make a gullible, unquestioning and credulous population for the use of people like Patterson.

  7. Jocelyn says:

    Thank you for this. I’m most excited for some dear friends (even posting on here) who are getting this much needed exposure. We need so much more. The victims in this group have suffered human torture that NO country should allow. Please write more and keep this conversation going!

    There are a crew of group home survivors on the facebook group site “Independent Fundamental Baptist Cult Survivors (and their supporters).” This group is keeping everyone up to date on what’s going on around the country in this religious cult which has many branches (churches, christian schools, group homes, homeschooling families, Baptist colleges, etc.).

  8. Jocelyn says:

    Sounds good. This entire kit and kaboodle needs exposure on every level. Kids are just enduring the most heinous crimes physically and sexually. If you look up Scott and Andrea Bass in Phoenix, Arizona and Lyda Schatz in Paradise, California in google you’ll get two of the latest most heartbreaking stories! These kids are all being homeschooled using the Bob Jones University/Abeka/A.C.E. homeschooling curriculum and many of them are following the teachers of their “latest guru” named, Michael Pearl.

    It’s just a large networked group of pedophiles across the country who use the physical beatings and the Bible to subdue their victims in their churches to have access to molesting them. And if a child demonstrates a “will” or starts exposing what’s been done to them, they are sending them off to one of these group homes to put them through 12-18 months of more intense brainwashing/abuse to get them silenced for life. So their crimes never get exposed.

    I believe this is the most dangerous mind control/sex abuse cult in America. And all these pedophiles have gotten away with this for decades. It’s just sick and sad.

  9. Dulci From Allentown says:

    Here is a 10 minute clip I made YEARS later after being at New Bethany Christian Home in Arcadie LA in 1981 – Feds shit the place down to bad it wasnt before they damaged young innocent boys and girls, They Exploited God’s word.

    This GUY I SLYING you can see it in t=his body lauguage, he dosetn look at her when he answere the interviewers question ONLY when he “BARKS I AM THE MAN THEY CAN COME SEE ME IM THE PREACHER” GOD IS THE MAN NOT him……. judgement day is coming.

  10. M Ellis says:

    No doubt this man is a crook, but don’t drag Lester Rolloff into this. He was very good at what he did so every childrens home that wants to be successful latches on to his name. This doesn’t mean they are connected to him in anyway. Lester Rolloff loved the Lord with all his heart. He was a great man of God.

    1. akopsa says:

      I appreciate your comment Melanie, but the facts do not support your theory. They are connected, they did work and preach together, Patterson did work for Roloff. These are all truths.

    2. Bobby O says:

      M Ellis: Roloff was no saint, nor were the people who worked at his “homes” (ignorance notwithstanding). There has been a ton of documented abuse from those homes… Plenty of delusional people love Jesus. That doesn’t make them worthy of following or venerating. The horror stories out of Rebecca, Anchor, and the other homes speak for themselves. You would do well to suspend your disbelief and read about some of what went on there. It was the pattern for all of these other “homes”. There’s no way for anyone to truthfully defend the Roloffs, Camerons, or any of the other adults who did so much damage to “the least of these”.

    3. Sharon Murphy says:

      The very first time I was sent into meet Lester Roloff he BIT my thumb. He bit my thumb because he said I gave him a ‘hippy’ handshake when I shook his hand.
      Like most BS’rs he could do quite a command performance in the pulpit. What he has created is generations of zombies that now lack critical thinking skills and who even have the ability to peep outside there very tiny view of the world and the people in it. I was abused phyically there, but much worse was the mental

      1. DRittenberry says:

        Wow, you sure included a lot of people in your comment about creating generations of zombies that now lack critical thinking skills. Your words are as mean and hateful as those you blame for your miserable life.

        This is what upsets me about blogs like this one, in fact it makes me damn mad. It amazes me how people can take something that happened 40 plus years ago and continue to live there the rest of their lives. Life is not a parking lot, its a road.

        Since I was in a Roloff home for 5 years, I am personally insulted by your comment.

        I have engaged in psychological testing with a well known psychologist in the Houston area in a personality profile for a job I was interviewing for. I tested in the top 1% of college graduates in the United States in abstract reasoning. Dr. Darve Winick re:me,,, “You are a powerhouse of learning ability.” I have four amazing children who are successful and independent and they know Christ. My children and grand children are amazing. I am the most blessed person I know.

        There are a lot of amazing people that came out of those homes. I know because I know them.

        “I have held many things in my hand, and I have lost them all : but what ever I have placed in God’s hands, that, I still possess.” Corrie Tenboom

        Please people, try to do something positive with your life. Find someone to encourage or lift up. Be sweet and thoughtful. It will chase away all your anger. Stop thinking inward and think outward. Enjoy this life it is short at best.

      1. DRittenberry says:

        well honey, he was not a child beater from 1968 to 1973 I was there. Age 14 to 19. He never beat a child one time in that span of years and if you say he did i call you a liar.

  11. Teresa says:

    M Ellis, please respond to this. Tell us what you know. Many of us (especially akopsa as of late) have done ALOT of research on the subject of the child containment industry. Especially the privately-owned, unlicensed, church-supported, unregulated children’s homes. I have many reasons to believe that even Laura Silsby was trying to cash in on this big $$$ maker. Do you remember her? She’s the con artist from Idaho who convinced 9 other “missionaries” into helping her attempt to smuggle kids across the border from Haiti into the DR. Prior to her Haiti screw-up, she was trying to build a “runaway” home In Kuna, ID, with a description (which I read in the Wall Street Journal) that sounds SO much like the descriptions that Roloff and Mack Ford gave about THEIR kid prisons to uninformed church-goers, that it cannot be ignored. If there is a detail that’s been missed, then PLEASE tell it! The conclusion that I have gathered (and I’m sure there are those that agree) is that opening and operating one of these facilites has absolutely NOTHING to do with God or saving souls, it’s about gaining complete control and making LOTS and LOTS of MONEY! If you disagree, then please retort. We want to know, and NEED to know WHY.

  12. Jason Fletcher says:

    I went to the Reclamation Ranch 2 times. Once in 2007 and again in 2009. I met the staff and Jack Patterson. The real truth hear has been severly twisted! Wow! Jack Patterson would never harm a single child! He would go without to make sure that we were taken care of. He bought me shoes, clothing, and great food while I was under his care. I had nothing and yet he gave to me so freely. What a blessing his ministry has been to me in my life! I never once saw any abuse of any kind ever. He loved us with a Christ-like love. I respect him and his work that God has given him. He taught me the Bible and to stand on my own two feet. Remember, who are you to judge this man? The bible teaches us, Judge not, lest ye be judged. You don’t know Jack. You were not there. I on the other hand was. He loves God and wouldn’t ever hurt any child! May God continue to bless him and his great work. God bless you.
    – reclamation ranch graduate

  13. PDeverit says:

    Speak out against violence toward children in our schools. Visit Unlimited Justice on the web and on Facebook to add your voice!

  14. Debbie says:

    Hi All,

    I am a survivor of Brother Roloff’s home for girls, Rebekah, in Corpus Christie TX.
    I try not to think about it. However, with the 20/20 segment of IDF Baptist’s Churches. Alot of emotion surfaced.
    Does anyone know of a site for survivors to Brother Roloff’s homes?

    1. Karen Wynn(Ray) says:

      Yes Debbie I am in a grup of girls and boys from the homes(I was in Rebecca ) I don’t know how to sign you up, but you can find me on fb and befriend me,

      then I can add you to the group page I , think?

    2. Candi says:

      My first roommate was a Debbie. It was Oct 1975 when I arrived. We shared the first room on left, down the right side hallway, off the living room area. There was a hole in the wall, hidden behind the bed’s headboard, to one of the lockup rooms… A hole, that ironically, became my source of sanity, as Debbie and Kim, whispered to me, trying to calm me, when I found myself Christmas night, in that horrible room. My crime, I shared a smoke with two other girls, behind the school, after lunch. Spent the afternoon on my knees begging for forgiveness. It wasn’t to be forgiven… That night, between 15 and 20 licks, thru thin pjs, deemed a ringleader, by aunt n., a pinched faced spinster, and thrown into lockup for 3 days. The other two only got licks for smoking. I ran in April 1976. It was a Sunday night, with 15 minutes to go before church got out, that I slipped through the broken window, a hole created by the 3 new girls who ran earlier that same evening. I knew what would happen if I was caught. I’d seen it myself before to others who’d tried. My gut told me to GO! I MADE IT!! I GOT AWAY! I hid behind a small sage bush as church traffic poured out onto the road. I sprinted across the road and walked thru crops in the fields at night, hitting the dirt when I saw headlights. Crossed a fence onto a military base, across the field near the airstrip, under another fence onto a main highway, picked up by a Mexican couple and was gone!

      Are you my Debbie? I too hadn’t thought about this place in years. I googled Roloff on 1/2/13, not expecting to find anything not knowing the politics going on behind it.
      Did you find a rebekah support group? Can you share where? Is there a way to rewatch 20/20 show?

  15. Teresa says:

    Here is a facebook group I started if you would kie to check it out and join. If you do a search on facebook “independent fundamental baptist” you will find several support groups for survivors:

  16. PDeverit says:

    I know that many people find Alice Miller’s books (particularly “The Truth Will Set You Free) helpful resources. Facebook has a lot of groups for survivors. I hope you find what you’re looking for!

  17. Almost3 says:

    The victims in this group have suffered human torture that NO country should allow. Please write more and keep this conversation going!
    There are a crew of group home survivors on the facebook group site “Independent Fundamental Baptist Cult Survivors (and their supporters).” This group is keeping everyone up to date on what’s going on around the country in this religious cult which has many branches (churches, christian schools, group homes, homeschooling families, Baptist colleges, etc.)

    Oh my word, is Jocelyn saying that people who homeschool with Christian curriculum or send their kids to christian schools are all cultist pedophiles? I take extreme offense to that, and if she is a Christian as she claims to be, she better stop and look at what she is doing to the Christian commnity and its reputation. Pedophiles, child abusers and all that should be punished to the full extent of the law, it’s terrible to think that those things happen, but guess what?! There are sick nutcases in every religion, every walk of life, every where you go! To say that Christian or Baptist education breeds sexual abuse is ridiculous and laughable. Well, it would be laughable if it wasn’t so absolutely wrong! A cult? Give me a break.

  18. eliana ryan says:

    i am not at all suprised about all of this! i went through NBGA and recieved the same abuse! and just like Bro. Patterson, Bill MacNamara claimed he was a preacher, he was helping in “god’s” eyes. calling girls whores and sluts and using the “n” word, or saying your being goth because the way GOD made you is discrimating and insulting! the things i could say about New Beginnings Girls Academy! would astound you! I wish we could get the word out about other homes that use ‘god’ and ‘power’ religion in the same sentence and how its is abused daily. i for one willl say i was beaten at NBGA. emotionally and mentally as well as physically! if you want more, please go add my page NBGA-the after life on facebook. we are trying to get the word out! please listen to us the abuse, or to the parents who have had to help there children try to re gather some sort of normaility. please help us shut these ‘power, money and religious homes’ down!

  19. Diane Rittenberry says:

    I love Br. Roloff and I miss him terribly. He had his faults and one of them was that he trusted everyone. That was a mistake because some of his workers were not very nice. I knew Bro Roloff and he was sincere and truly wanted to help people. Bro. Roloff was always kind to me and he never laid a hand on me or treated me with disrespect EVER.

  20. Diane Rittenberry says:

    I would challenge any one to provide me of an instance where they were “abused” by Lester Roloff……personally.

    1. Tbird says:

      And what if your challenge isn’t met? Does that mean that Charles Manson is innocent? He didn’t kill anyone……….

  21. Diane says:

    I did not know Charles Manson but I did know Lester Roloff. Some of his workers were not very nice and like I said that is where he made his mistake (trusting everyone). Lester Roloff was always good and kind to me. I was in his homes for 5 years. I do not agree with the way the homes were run in many ways now that I am an adult but The truth is still the truth and the truth is absolute.

  22. Diane says:

    I do not know about you all but I have made many mistakes in my life. The consequences sucked. I try not to pass judgment on people especially if I do not know them. There was good and there was bad in the homes but you know what??? That is life. We choose what we make out of our difficult experiences. Lemons or Lemonade????

  23. Cheryl A. Burpee says:

    Looking for information/experiences related to Anchor Home for Boys, Zapata, TX and/or Corpus Christi, TX. during the spring of 1973 (April, May, June thereabouts) Anything good or bad is of interest. I am researching experiences and the facts. The fact is history repeats itself, over and over again. The abuse at the homes in the 70’s was real. It lives on in the lives of those children who are now adults. Apparently it also lives on in the lives of many others who have been at various homes during the past few decades. Again I am looking for any info/experiences related to the homes during the spring of 1973. I am not a computer nut, unfortunately. Please send anything to address below or email address. burpwolf@centurylink.net

    M. Burpee
    3598 Joseph St.
    Roseburg, OR 97470

  24. jonnyscaramanga says:

    I think it’s very important what you’ve done by reporting this. It’s relevant to my blog too; I’ll reblog this soon (remind me if I don’t!). That is, unless you’d like to write a guest post for me, with any recent updates?

  25. james fountain says:

    I was at the Second Chance Boys Ranch for a year when I was a child and was never neglected or mistreated in any form or fashion. Sure we got disciplined and we got taught how to become young respectful men. Olen King had a big impact on my life in a positive way at a time in my life where I was headed in the wrong direction

  26. saintrage says:

    My former partner was in a Lester Roloff home. He was beaten and tried to escape. He got caught on a fence and broke his ankle. They didn’t let him get medical treatment for four days. I am sure his parents meant well when they sent him there, but he was emotionally scarred for life. In March of 2006, he burned to death trying to keep warm in an abandoned building. He was found surrounded by drug paraphernalia and beer cans. Rest in peace.

  27. Christa says:

    Thanks for the good article. I am working on writing a paper about the Roloff homes and those who started homes who took after him, and have been looking for sources that I can use in my paper. This article is helpful, and I was hoping that the listed sources/further reading would be helpful too, but ten of the links listed at the end of the article either are not found, or send me to the wrong page. The ones that don’t work are listed below:
    (archive) http://www.al.com/birminghamnews/
    Information on history of Roloff in Texas: TSHAOnline
    Current Roloff Homes: http://www.pbc-roloffhomes.org/content/
    The Roundtable on Religion and Social Welfare Policy: The Faith Based Initiative in Texas – A Case Study By Helen Rose Ebaugh, Ph.D, University of Houston, an independent research project of the Rockerfeller Institute of government supported by the Pew Charitable Trusts.
    Blount County DA’s office website
    New Bethany survivors online forum New Bethany Survivors
    Guy’s Story – New Bethany Home – and “What Happened to Guy” website: http://www.whtg.org
    Jeff’s Story – New Bethany Home (No link)
    http://www.reformatvictory.com/interviews-stmts.asp – one account of life at Victory Christian Academy in Jay, Florida

    I realize that after almost 3 years, many websites will go down or change, but I just wanted to let you know that just over half of the links given no longer work.

  28. Janny brower says:

    Ya’ll are all sick to say that jack pattersons homes are like that. To base it on others turns you into judgmentals as if you were there. Why be like that? His homes were ment to take you out of the worldly possesions that people hold on oh so tight to. Just so you can open your little eyes to see that God is there that you dont have to act or try to be stupid to fill the void that those worldly possesions fill for only a mere second. Then what people do the same stupid things again to have their little bit of the worldly possession for only another second. The process goes on until A: people decide that they want to follow in Jesus or B: you take them out of the world and teach them JESUS. Only reason why jack pattersons homes were reported was because some selfish child who was to busy missing his couples seconds of worldly possesions.wanted it back. And you cannot say I do not know what goes in the homes is because I am a graduate from there I first hand witnessed no form of tourture abuse or neglect I was there for years until I graduated school. You people really make me sick to say that my pastor is a crook. He is a man trying to help these fallen people to their feet. He knows how it felt to run the$e dingy streets he knows how unhappy it makes us feel to lay our heads down knowing we heave done so much wrong within 12 hrs. He was just trying to show us hey theres Jesus footprints you have gone off track put ur foot where you see His prints you wont get lost if you follow them.

  29. Preacher Ed says:

    Let us write for a moment that your article is true, which I have a hard time to fully believe. One would have to look at government homes, homes of the Islamic religion, if you can find one, and whatever else is out there to include the catholic homes (now there is a story).. Lets compare the homes, how many helped, how many abused (or say they are abused) now that would be an article. I do believe that children will exaggerate, make up, and cry just to get what they want or hurt the ones who would not give to them. Are any homes innocent? No, because they are all run by flesh, meaning sinners trying to do right. Remember, two sides to a coin (with an edge) and the world is round for a reason.

    1. L Nelson says:

      I was in a Roloff home. You have no idea as to what we endured. Unless you were there, and KNOW what you’re talking about…shut the hell up. Moron.

      1. GAD says:

        Oh my, I hit a nerve. You know you were bad off before going to the home. So, blaming the home for problems you already had will not make your life better. But, you can try.

  30. Melissa Olcott says:

    I was in Happiness Hills run by the Evil Palmer’s in 1994. I never suscribed to their cult beliefs. I was physically and mentally beat down over and over and over again. Preacher Ed, if you are even a legit pastor, you have no clue what you are talking about. The Palmer’s are real live child abusers and do it in the name of God. You’re all sicko’s who don’t believe what we went through. I will tell anyone who wants to know what really went on anytime you can call me up or text me 518-229-2286. Melissa Anne Olcott

  31. JaNelle says:

    I was at the Jubilee Home for Women and it was torture everyday and every night. There was no counseling and no talking about your “past”. Very very harsh punishment was given to those (me) who did talk about their past or who didn’t learn their verses of other “rebellious” things.
    Dorm separation was used for us that were “evil” it meant you slept in a room with a mattess and your were cut off from the rest of the group. Every one on the campus knew who was on seperation because a letter was sent to all the other homes telling the other leaders.
    The Jubilee Home was awful and I hated every minute of it.

  32. Melissa Olcott says:

    JaNelle, we had very similar rules in HH. Is Julibee part of Roloff’s cult? I belong to fornits and various online support groups about my ordeal and it has really helped.

    1. Janelle says:

      Yes Melissa, jubilee was part of the roloff cult. It was in Corpus Christi Texas. Not sure if it is still open. I hope to God not.

  33. jowrongdunno says:

    Was Patterson found guilty or did he plea down to misdemeanors? I read that Patterson is “planting” children’s institutions.
    New Bethany in Arcadia opened about 1970. Mack Ford later started Longstreet in DeSoto Parish and another boys’ home in Walteboro SC. New Bethany in Arcadia, LA remained open long after SC and DeSoto Parish shut down the boy’s homes. Larry D. Rapier and Olen King of New Bethany accepted a lesser conviction, misdemeanors, which doesn’t prevent them from openin other institutions. Thirty years of abuse allegations and the DA filing petitions finding abuse and neglect but resulted in no charges against staff.
    In 2012, LA changed the statutes limiting prosecution for Child Sexual Abuse. The LA state police, Troop G, are investigating numerous reports of CSA and rape.

    One of 15 articles and four videos released in April 2014 by Nola.com | Times Picayune, By Rebecca Catalanello | Photos and Video by Kathleen Flynn
    The Long Road to New Bethany and Back

    We grew up and we could not forget!

  34. Patricia Gardiner (@PatsiLuvalot) says:

    Thank you for posting information on Hephzibah House here as well. I endured their abuse for over a year and a half. 25 years later we are still crying foul to a bunch of closed eared and closed minded people who say we are to blame for what we suffered there. Indiana backs these people and do not take them seriously if you report. Yes, I was able to maintain a relationship with Christ and find a DECENT place of worship. Keep getting the word out, and I am here if you ever need another “story” to use. I actually have no problem with spanking to this day, but what these people do isn’t spanking………it is torcher!

  35. Joe Gant says:

    I was a follower of Lester Roloff. I listened to his radio broadcasts as often as I could. He preached the Bible with uncompromising fervor, and he believed every word of it, including the passages about punishing children for wrongdoing. It is my sincere hope that he was never guilty of true “child abuse.”

    I knew a father once (now deceased) who had an incorrigible daughter. He had tried everything to get her off drugs, and into walking a responsible path. Finally, in desperation, he had his daughter committed to the Lester Roloff Home. (I believe this was after it was re-located to Missouri to escape the unfair, heavy handed controlling of the state of Texas.)

    One of the last times I visited with him, he shared with me that his daughter had become a Christian at the home, and that she had her life straightened out. She had married and had presented him with a grandchild, and seemed to be enjoying her new found life. So, please don’t paint these men with a broad brush. Many of the lives of these troubled young people were turned around with love, acceptance, and, yes, when necessary, corporal punishment. To state that they found a way to fleece the public is to judge the intents of their hearts, and only God, himself, knows that.

    1. melissaanne says:

      Joe Gant, they relocated to Mississippi. I know I was there. You are either a gullible man or you are down with these CULTS. That’s exactly what Lester Roloff and Jack Patterson and Raymond Palmer are, abusive, controlling cults. Patterson was linked with Roloff okay. He does everything the way Lester the Molester did! You say the state of Texas had “heavy hands” WRONG. Lester was the one with the heavy hands. You say he “accepted” the youth. Yeah ok! That is actually the complete opposite of what they do in all IFB homes. Independent Fundamental Baptists that is. I can tell you this for a fact. In 1994, I was abducted from my mothers house where I went for the weekend because her pastor believed I was on the wrong path because I wanted to attend public school and wear jeans, etc. and my father who had SOLE & LEGAL custody of me was deemed “worldly” by the pastor. So ILLEGALLY, he arranged me to be sent AGAINST MY WILL at 14 years old to the Palmer’s who ran the Happiness Hills, Union, Mississippi. They were Roloff supporters who also worked for him in the also illegally ran Rebekah Home. If they are so “God like” why do they have illegal homes? Why are they not providing proper education, simple stuff like basic math, science and geography? If they are so “loving and accepting” why were my HUMAN & CIVIL rights violated, like my freedom of speech and my freedom of religion, which I am guaranteed simply because I am a citizen. I didn’t want anything to do with the IFB. I told them I was catholic and I was BEATEN & TORTURED on a regular basis, all because I didn’t believe the way they did. How is that accepting? Don’t pain them with a broad brush? They deserve a major ASS BEATING. At one point, I was not allowed to speak to anyone because of my heavy Boston accent. Therefore, I went weeks without any human contact. Again, how is that accepting?

      1. melissaanne says:

        further more, if they are so down with Jesus and all that, why do they take kids (like I was) illegally and lock them up in unlicensed facilities? There’s a reason the stated mandates licensure in any residential facility. Lester was a molester JUST like Mack Ford. Was the state supposed to ignore the fact that the homes don’t provide medication even for a diabetic? THAT IS WRONG. They are all guilty, and you probably are too Joe Gant, proud supporter of Lester Roloff and the IFB Cults. You are the one’s going to hell if anyone is ok. Anyone who thinks they are GOD and can act in the authority of another human being because of their religion…that is controlling and abusive and God will PUNISH all of you on this alleged judgment day. So, tell me, what will someone like Roloff, Mack Ford, the Palmer’s or Jack Patterson say about locking children up illegally, some until they are 18 all because they don’t agree with a religion. I know over 500 survivors you MORONS. Not a single one would say they were SAVED or SPARED anything in any of these homes and the only ones who do are still brainwashed.

      2. Ed says:

        You were messed up when they got you. Your not even telling the whole story or truth. But that is why these homes exist for troubled folk like you. Well, it looks like you are one of few they could not help. Oh well…

    2. Ed says:

      Well said. You, the reader, deal with a 1000 children and see how you do it. You think spanking does not go on in government roster care? Think again and they don’t care about the children as long as they, workers of the government home, gets paid…

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