Baptist Missionary’s Attorney a rising, right wing political star

Stegall at the mic, Culberth looking on

Caleb Stegall, Jefferson County, Kansas District Attorney, has been retained to represent former detained Baptist missionary Drew Culberth.

Stegall says that Mr. Culberth will be making an appearance on the Today Show soon, likely with his attorney present.  My guess is that a trusting, relieved to be home Mr. Culberth has no idea the political ride he is about to be taken on.

What will be significant in the case of Drew Culberth will not be Drew Culberth.  It will be the next chapter — a national one — in the burgeoning political career of Mr. Stegall.

Stegall is no stranger to the political limelight.  He appears to thrive in it. Stegall represented former Kansas Attorney General Phill Kilne of rabid-anti abortion, anti Dr. George Tiller/erroneous Tiller suit-filer/Scott Roeder witness/GQ article fame.

This is from a 2008 interview with the Lawrence Journal World during Mr. Stegall’s run (ultimately successful) to become the Jefferson County attorney:

[Interviewer]: You have represented Phill Kline in the abortion records lawsuit.  Do you consider Phill Kline as a role model for a prosecutor? Will you continue to represent Phill Kline if you are elected Jefferson County Attorney?

Caleb Stegall Yes, I have represented District Attorney Kline during the civil proceedings before the Kansas Supreme Court. Because the case is ongoing, it would not be proper for me to discuss the details of the case or offer opinions regarding my client. I will say that it is gratifying, professionally, to be recognized by many across the state and in the region as an attorney with the ability to handle some of our most high-profile and contentious legal matter.

And from Front Porch Republic, he has crafted a fine portrait of himself as local-boy-salt-of-the-earth-everyman:

Caleb is a son of the prairie. Keeping faith with his place, he is a country lawyer, writer, pamphleteer, failing farmer, and political agitator. Caleb and his wife Ann have added five more sons to the prairie and he currently serves—until his fellow citizens throw him and the rest of the bums out—as the District Attorney of Jefferson County, named for the singular statesman of the American creed.  He uses a pitchfork daily at chore time, but thus far has limited himself to the use of an electric torch. (

Mr. Stegall was campaigning for office, so it is natural for him to toot his own horn, a gift he seems to have in spades.  He is motivated, intelligent and well-connected within the Kansas religious-right/Republican community.

Feel free to file this information under it’s a small world, the coincidence of it all, but file it away for sure.

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