Senate Committee on Armed Services office answers phone on first ring….

In my ongoing attempt to stay on top S 2904 (requiring emergency contraception at military health facilities) I called the Senate Committee on Armed Services this morning.  A delightful young woman answered the phone on the first ring.

In the last couple of weeks since I have started tracking this bill, several of my friends have asked ‘what can we really do’ when it comes to holding our elected officials to account, to make sure the meek voice of one of we the people can be heard.

My answer is pick up the phone and call.  Take the action you may think is ridiculous to take.   Or if you have copious amounts of time on your hands – like me gainfullyunemployed – plan a road trip to DC to sit in the gallery when the Senate Committee on Armed Services takes up a matter that is near and dear to your heart.  Or any committee, or sub-committee, or heck, the Supreme Court for that matter.

The nice lady on the phone at the SCAS – I am going to call her “Kate” – Kate let me know that the committee has not yet scheduled anything for January, and are not scheduled to start any hearings until after January 20th.  As soon as a hearing date is set (if at all) it will be posted to their website.

Here is SCAS phone number:  (202)224-3871

And I am serious about the road trip.  If there are any takers out there drop me a line.  I am going to continue to follow this bill and post about it ad nauseam right here.

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