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Asylum: Part II

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Joining forces to fight for women’s rights, LGBTI rights

Originally posted on 76 CRIMES:
The struggle on behalf of human rights for LGBTI people will focus next month on the work of the U.N. Commission on the Status of Women,…

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#stopnamingsnowstorms and my list of approved #snowstormnames

Kitty say, “Damn you winter storm Unitard!” Snow bearing down on you?  Not to fear.  I have developed truly appropriate nomenclature for just such an emergency.  Apply liberally be it simple … Continue reading

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STAND Magazine, “religious freedom” and the intersectionality of LGBT & Women’s Rights

Click on the PDF below to read this article from 2015 (Winter) Stand Magazine (ACLU) Stand2015AKopsa

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Latest at The Nation: anti-gay/anti-choice religious group still gets loads of PEPFAR dollars

Click image for full story  I recently learned that CAF’s sway over the US’s global AIDS response goes beyond program implementation. In April, Dr. Deborah Birx became the highest-ranking government … Continue reading

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“At least Iowa has a woman in the Senate” should not fly.

During the 2008 elections minutes after Sara Palin was announced as John McCain’s running mate my phone rang.  It was my mom.  Her hair was on fire.  A lifelong democrat, … Continue reading

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Last night at Penn Station after a very long day on Long Island (not recreation) I stood on 7th Ave. to hail a cab. There is usually a queue but … Continue reading

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UPDATE – they fucking did it – Missouri 72-hour waiting period, Gov. Nixon veto in jeopardy?

 I can’t.   The highest profile override came shortly before midnight, when Senate Republicans turned to a rarely-used procedural move to cut off debate and force a vote on a … Continue reading

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Latest at The Nation: Obama’s Evangelical Gravy Train

  Click to read full story on you tax dollars funding right wing anti-gay anti-choice groups here and abroad  

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Feminism doesn’t cause rape: The Weekly Standard

Link above to my response to The Weekly Standard cover story “Feminism and its Discontents”

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American Prospect

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My latest at The Nation: dispatches from Yaounde prison in Cameroon – outlawing homosexuality

Click above for full story

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US tax dollars contribute to anti-gay hate in Uganda

Click on the image above for my interview on State of Belief.  Talking about the buckets and buckets of money to “faith based” groups in Uganda who have contributed to … Continue reading

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The women of NACWOLA Uganda

This is my piece at Impatient Optimists, the blog of the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. It is a small article with mere captions accompanying the photos of the women brave … Continue reading

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Fear and Loading in Kentucky – my latest @Al Jazeera America

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Sex Ed in Mississippi: the complete Mississippi Public Broadcasting series

    Make sure to listen to Cristen Hemmins interview – MPB didn’t air our discussion that is telling, important and must be heard along with the rest of these … Continue reading

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Mississippi: Sex ed without condoms my latest on The Atlantic

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Lastest article from Ms. on sex ed and religion

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Update: Beyonce arrested now released – Anti-Gay Bill Passed in Uganda UPDATE: A Day In Kampala

A note of clarification! And, yet another update in the fast moving situation in Uganda:  From on the ground in Uganda today (December 21, 2013) Beyonce’s release has been secured. … Continue reading

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#NOPE – #TLC, The Duggars and Focus on the Family.

Look at these good, god fearing Christians mimicking their daughter and new husband’s kiss.  Isn’t this what every purity baller family does?  The Duggars are not cool for having 19 … Continue reading

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Serving as an introduction to the idea of intersectionality of LGBT and women’s rights: A woman, I will call her Mrs. D, seeks asylum from her native Sub-Saharan African nation … Continue reading

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Pinch me! Judge Roy Moore and his Iowa aspirations.

Originally posted on Andy Kopsa:
What could be considered Moore’s first stump speech in Iowa Just when I honestly thought all my Iowa caucus prayers had been answered when Michelle…

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Cameroon – LGBT imprisoned one year later

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