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My latest at The Nation: dispatches from Yaounde prison in Cameroon – outlawing homosexuality

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US tax dollars contribute to anti-gay hate in Uganda

Click on the image above for my interview on State of Belief.  Talking about the buckets and buckets of money to “faith based” groups in Uganda who have contributed to … Continue reading

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The women of NACWOLA Uganda

This is my piece at Impatient Optimists, the blog of the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. It is a small article with mere captions accompanying the photos of the women brave … Continue reading

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Fear and Loading in Kentucky – my latest @Al Jazeera America

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Sex Ed in Mississippi: the complete Mississippi Public Broadcasting series

    Make sure to listen to Cristen Hemmins interview – MPB didn’t air our discussion that is telling, important and must be heard along with the rest of these … Continue reading

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Mississippi: Sex ed without condoms my latest on The Atlantic

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Lastest article from Ms. on sex ed and religion

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Update: Beyonce arrested now released – Anti-Gay Bill Passed in Uganda UPDATE: A Day In Kampala

A note of clarification! And, yet another update in the fast moving situation in Uganda:  From on the ground in Uganda today (December 21, 2013) Beyonce’s release has been secured. … Continue reading

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Transgender teacher under attack in TX – here’s a few things to do

NOTE:  I called the principal’s office – but for information on the public hearing tonight I was directed to call the Central Office.  HERES THAT NUMBER:  409-923-7500   My head … Continue reading

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Facts Matter. Mississippi Matters. A HuffPo Correction

  Here’s a correction from Huffington Post that all other media outlets who jumped on the false story about Mississippi can cut and paste and insert into their incorrect articles: … Continue reading

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Mississippi Sex Ed: get it together media

There has been a spate of incorrect reporting on Mississippi’s sex ed law. 1.  That anti-sodomy/anti-gay requirement – this is patently false.  The language in the bill is disgusting – … Continue reading

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Mississippi’s anti-gay law – Call Gov. Bryant

Despite what they try to tell you, legalizing bigotry is not actually religious freedom.  Iowa tried this a few years ago – you can read all about these so called … Continue reading

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The rotten roots of Uganda’s anti-gay celebration

Originally posted on 76 CRIMES:
rs support the country’s harsh new anti-gay law on March 31, 2014, during a Parade and Thanksgiving Celebration. Anti-gay marchers on March 31, 2014, praised Ugandan…

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Constant threat to LGBT people in Cameroon

  The situation in Cameroon – Yaounde Central Prison – click the photo above for story A young man – Simon – who was instrumental in helping me understand much … Continue reading

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Ban Bossy? Um, Bullshit.

When did “bossy” become a gender specific term? Growing up I remember scads of times boys as well as girls were told to not be bossy by teachers. Did I … Continue reading

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